Monday, February 25, 2013

What we are up to this week....

We have a lot of club events this week, and our bi-weekly art class.  Actually we have 3 clubs and art class tomorrow.  A field trip to the Art Museum on Tuesday morning.  Joey and Lydia start back to 4H this week.  Actually Lydia is still a Cloverbud for another two years....shhhhhh....don't tell her.  She's in denial that she can't show a project yet.  So she is collecting her art projects to enter in the fair anyway.  Of course we have the regular dance/gymnastics classes.  Our Special Olympics Homecoming is this Friday, and Lydia is going to a Scrapbooking Party that a friend of ours is hosting this upcoming weekend.

Some where we have to do schoolwork....

Math- I am making a slight adjustment in Joey's math.  He will do 2-3 assignments a week and then he will be working on his computer curriculum.
Computer- He is creating a powerpoint slide for a 4H project.  This will take a couple weeks.
Science - He is starting Astronomy and Space from Journey Through Learning.  Watch for the upcoming review
History/Social Studies - Knights and Castles from Journey through Learning.
Handwriting - Will continue through cursive
Grammar - Finish up talking about Subjects & Predicates and work on Sentence Fragments.  He and Brayden are using Essentials in Writing (watch for the upcoming review)
Reading - He will be starting back working on Book Adventure a couple times a week to strengthen his reading comprehension skills.  He's finally remembering what he is reading.

Math- Continue working in Multiplication
Science - Astronomy and Space from Journey through Learning
History - early American history using Schoolexpress
Grammar - Finish up talking about Subjects & Predicates and work on Sentence Fragments (Same as Joey)
Reading - He will also be using the Book Adventure program like Joey is.

Math- Keep working on addition in Touch Point Math 2nd grade and she will also be working on their Time program
Science - The Earth lapbook from Journey Through Learning.
Reading- McGuffey and a couple site word games
History- The first forms of writing
Geography words- continent, continental divide
Art- clay art....and at home she'll be working on giving a texture look to paint
Phonics - ABeka Letters and Sounds
Spelling - All About Spelling Lesson 4
Bible - Chapter 4 - The Tower of Babel

Math - She is still working on her pattern unit
Hooked on Phonics- We didn't finish our sound review of A-D, so we are going to do that this week.
Science- We will be doing some growing with carrot tops (an Evan Moore project)
Art- Same as Lydia
**Practicing our phone number
**Speech will be initial and middle S sounds.

Everyone have a wonderful week!!!

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  1. WOW I am always amazed the variety you have going on in your house with the 4 kids. I only have two and they do most of the same types of things to make it easier for me, although just recently I think I need to let my daughter do more on her own but still trying to figure out how:(