Monday, February 18, 2013

What we are up to this week....

We have some "normal" activities planned like dance class, gymnastics, guitar, and Lydia has violin this week.  Brayden has a Basketball game Monday night and Lydia has a really cool library program to attend about Mo Willems (one of her favorite authors).  

So here is the school work schedule for our house:

Math - Review of his previous chapter and he will re-start Multiplication this week
Grammar - Subjects and Predicates
Science - Spores and he will have a chapter test on Plants
Ohio History - We will finish studying the time period between the French and Indian war and the time before the American Revolution
Spelling - regular booklet and copying of words
Social Studies - He is working on Social Skills this week
Adventure Club - Finishing the Who is George Washington Book and we'll do the virtual tour of Mount Vernon
Handwriting - Handwriting without Tears Cursive
*Finish talking about Jacob and Esau

Math - Multiplication
Grammar - Subject and Predicates
Science - He will be finishing his unit study on Bees
Scholastic News - Water World
Social Studies - Social Skill videos and watch some Brain Pop Videos on Native Americans
Reading Comprehension workbook 
Spelling - regular booklet and copying of words
He is going to finish reading Bad Kitty also.
Ohio History - same as Joey

Math - Touch Point Math and A+ Tutorsoft review (These alternate)
Science - Start new unit on Feliforms
Reading - Continue reading McGuffey reader
History - SOTW Chapter 2, starting her month long study about Egyptians
Geography - Cave, Cliff
Art - Joseph Cornell
ABeka Phonics - regular workbook
Spelling - AAS #1 Section 3 & possibly 4 if she grasps it well
God's Covenant - The Fall in the Garden of Eden

Color - Red
Phonics - Hooked on Phonics PK
Math - counting to 25, and skip counting to 20
Learning her phone number
Art - Dot Art
Theme - Fire Engines
Speech sounds - "S"

This is how our week is going.

Hope everyone has a great week!!!

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