Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Caty School

My iPhone doesn't always take the best pics, so I apologize in advance.  I need to work on taking pictures with it.

Miss Caty has a few days of "school" and lots of play.

Here she was playing with Lydia in the Ancient Egypt Art box we borrowed from our local art museum.
I broke down and bought Caty her own crayons.  She is struggling with writing and holding her writing utensils.  So I remembered going through this with Joey.  I bought her the big thick pencils and triangular crayons.  Those crayons have been AWESOME for her!!

 She insisted that she try and use the stapler on her own.
 We talked about what clothes are important to wear in different types of weather.
 We started learning the red song and blue song.

Here she is cutting on her Letters, Numbers and Shapes lapbook from Journey through Learning.
I have been taking advantage of Caty's love of songs.  I have been finding Kindergarten shape songs on YouTube...she loves it!!
This is one of those fun "Friends" magazines.  We pull these out every so often.
We finally were able to bring cookies to the local Fireman.  They were very grateful.  One of the EMTs took the girls through and showed the the inside of an ambulance and then let them ring the siren on a 1928 Fire Truck.

Caty worked on her art while I was doing a lesson with Lydia.
 She took this picture herself.
We've been pulling out some old favorites (from a busy bag swap)...letter writing practice

 We got this from a free curriculum giveaway.  Of course there is music involved, so Caty loved it!!  She likes the poster too.
 This was from a recent busy bag swap....and the girls love it!  Butterfly symmetry.  Caty plays by the cards for a bit and then "creates" her own.
She played with magnets this week....

 Paper clip under a tissue.
It was very funny watching her discover.  We used all kinds of materials.

 Alphabet find...she was really using her head on this one!
 Working on patterns in math.

This upcoming week, we'll be working on the Moon and learning a bit about bears....we will be reading Moon Bear.  And learning how important the sun is to us.

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