Monday, March 11, 2013

What we are up to this week....

I didn't post this last week.  I was so busy all weekend, that it never got done.  I did have lessons ready though.  So these are our projects this week....

Math - place value, using A+ Tutor software
Science - Astronomy and Space lapbook from Journey through Learning ... the week is the moon, moon phases, comets and asteroids
History- Knights and Castles from Journey through Learning - Castles and the Lifestyle of the Middle ages
Grammar - Declarative and Interrogative Sentences
Standard spelling book and handwriting assignments (practice)
4H - He'll be working on sketches and cooking books.  In sketching he is working on seeing basic shapes in objects so he can draw them easier.  In Cooking, he'll learn about the importance of calcium to our bones and make granola bars.

Math - Multiplication and practicing word problems
Science - Astronomy and Space lapbook along with Joey
History - American History - Revolutionary War time period
Grammar - Declarative and Interrogative Sentences
Standard Spelling book lessons
He'll be using Brain Pop videos (and so will Joey) this week on Space.
Reading Comprehension - Book Adventure online program from Sylvan

Math - Practicing her addition facts and reading a clock 
Science - Water cycle and review the ocean zones and ocean floor (Journey through Learning lapbook)
History - Finish STOW chapter 4 .. she'll build a sugar cube pyramid and review some books she picked out at the library.  (I am not a fan of how STOW breaks up Ancient Egypt, but oh well...)
Bible - Talking about Abraham
Reading -  ABeCeDarian Reading Program  She has started A-2 and we are working through 3 lessons a for the upcoming review.
Geography terms - Delta, Desert, Dune

Math - Patterns
Science - A little bit of moon phases and a bit on hibernation....we are reading Moon Bear
Reading - Hooked on Phonics PK ... E & F
Various busy activities including Pop for Numbers, Butterfly Symmetry and Rhyming.  We will probably also play Sequence Letters

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!!  See you at our Week in Review!!

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