Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Caty School

In Caty school this week, she worked on the Letters F & G.  And we read Night of the Moonjellies:

We learned about jellyfish:
And watched this little segment on a jellyfish lake:

She made jellyfish handprints:
And took a bath with "jellyfish"....and this is now a favorite way to take a bath!

 For another science project, we worked on how plants drink through their roots....

Now I have never had this be successful, until this time.  Instead of food coloring, I filled the solo cup halfway with water and a whole packet of red Koolaid.
 And it worked!!!

She filled out her sheet.  Lydia thought this was cool too, so she had to do it too.  Maybe by fall I'll get them together on science.

We played Hooked on Phonics games for her letters through G.
We also learned about Maple Syrup by visiting a Maple Syrup demonstration.  It was so yummy smelling!!!
Caty practicing how they tap trees.
We had a fun week wrapped up with swimming and shopping with Grandpa & Grandma.  Next week we are taking a school breathier, and then start back the first week of April.  Hope everyone has a great week!

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