Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Simple Woman's Day Book - 3/27/13


Outside my window...cold and blustery

I am thinking...that I really need to take a nap

I am thankful...that the day is half over :(  It's a bad day today.

In the kitchen...doing absolutely nothing.  I need to wash more dishes and figure out supper.  Still haven't been to the grocery store

I am wearing...jeans and t-shirt

I am creating...a study guide for Lydia to use with the American Girl Saige books

I am going...a little crazy today.  Too many tantrums from the kids is causing sensory issues for me.

I am wondering...why the kids have to be so loud.

I am reading...nothing right now, I am trying though.

I am hoping...for a calmer tomorrow

I am looking forward to...getting started on my photography course.

I am learning....how to use my camera more efficiently

Around the house...there is a clutter mess that won't go away.

I am pondering...why there has to be so many cords for cordless items???

One of my favorite things...

A few plans for the rest of the week: Lydia is having a sleepover with her cousin tomorrow, and we have American Girl Club this week too.

A peek into my day...no one wants to really see that.  It's really sad and would make people cry.