Thursday, March 7, 2013

Homeschool Mothers Journal - Week 40

In my life this week....

I have been very busy.  There are many, many, many projects I am working on....besides normal life.  I am exhausted daily, and I feel like my brain may melt on a minute by minute basis.  It's the little things that I feel like I am always behind on, but those little things make our house look like a cyclone is going on 24/7.

Back in December I applied for a grant from the local Science Museum for our Homeschool group, and they gave us one for a field trip!!  So I had to attend an Educator's Session on how to use the Science Museum with Kids.  I felt like a nerd that night, and I was snickering with another homeschool mom who came with me.  We were holding back answering questions, while the other teachers were just sitting there not even trying.  They were showing us typical science experiments, and one I had just done with Lydia!  Another one, the other mom knew all the answers to also.  I no longer feel like we are lacking in the area of Science in our house.  In fact, Lydia may be getting more science than they do in a typical Elementary school at this

I think all the extra stress is taking a toll on me.  I am tired more, and I have been not doing well again.  I need to rest more, and I made it a point to read a couple nights this week instead of "grading" lessons.

In our homeschool this week...

We missed out on a zoo trip, but so far we are doing well in getting schoolwork done.  The boys got a day behind in some stuff that I didn't get finished with them.  But we are going to catch those things up tomorrow.  Mainly a couple history items, and I needed to really get Joey going on his solar system project model kit.  I didn't want to turn him loose alone, since he has a tendency to not follow the directions. Brayden has been trying to be obstinate, and he now requires me to do ALL his work with him.  So it's a challenge bouncing between all 4 kids at different levels.

Lydia is working on Touch Point Math Grade 2 (watch for the review coming soon)....she has finished her first module, and she's half way through the time module.  She will start Module 2 tomorrow.  Math is definitely her strong subject.  She is really only in 1st grade, so it's really good that she's that far in Math.

Projects I am working on....

I am looking for an inexpensive photography course online.  I really want to get my photography business up and running by summer.  I have loved taking photographs for years, but it wasn't until Joe got me a starter DSLR that I decided that it would be a good choice for me.  Flexible hours, which will work well with us.  I really just want to really become better with the equipment that I have.  I have started collecting props at Goodwill, online sales, etc.  I have tons of names going through my head.

I am also working to get Joey ready for his first craft show.  It's a lot of work for me, but this will actually be a project for both Joey and Lydia.  So we'll wait and see how it works out.  Will update soon.

My favorite thing this week....

Hmmm...this was a hard one.  Was it washing a chicken with rubbing alcohol and starting to mummify it?  What it eating the delicious blueberry cobbler that Lydia and I came up with?  Was it watching Caty create her own "designs" with a busy-bag project?  Was it when I finished a whole book??? (Yeah I finally finished Safe Haven...and loved it!!)  I'm not sure...there was an even mix of good and bad times this week.

Things I am working on.....

I don't even want to list all the little freaks me out a bit!  I am trying to help the kids with their upcoming Book Festival projects.  I think they all have titles chosen finally.

I'm cooking....

Lydia and I made a really yummy blueberry cobbler that was allergen friendly.  No oats, dairy, soy, gluten, eggs, etc.  I made chicken fried chicken and homemade mashed potatoes and pan gravy one night.  Tonight I made pasta carbonara for was pretty yummy.  Even Ms. Caty ate the sauce, and she NEVER wants to eat pasta sauce.  And she had two helpings!!  This weekend, Joey has a cooking project for his 4H program to work on.  (I have to rewrite all the recipes they have in there, since he cannot eat the foods they have listed...going to take a little longer to finish this project.)  I also promised Brayden we would make homemade ice cream.  Joey is begging for pizza pasta, we'll wait and see :)

I'm reading....

I finally finished Safe Haven, and I really liked it!!  Now I got busy downloading from our library.  I am reading

and I picked up a couple recommendations at the library tonight.  They are some of those that they said you would like if you LOVE Downton Abbey.  I am trying to read using my Kindle and also some paper/hardcover books.  I think our kids need to see me doing more reading in both styles.  I don't know if it will help them want to read more for pleasure....but it can't hurt!

These were the two recommendations:

Since I have some at home time this weekend, I have decided that it will be a good weekend to!

I'm rewarding the kids this week....

Homemade ice cream.  Going to pull out the ice cream maker and make some yumminess!!!  Then watch that Netflix has so many Disney titles to stream!!!

A photo to share.....

Our fire department is mainly volunteers, so they only meet monthly.  Since the girls had learned about Fire engines/fire departments a couple weeks ago, we planned to bring them cookies at their meeting.  The girls were super excited to bring them cookies to their meeting and one of the EMTs took them and showed them the ambulances and let them sound the siren on the 1928 fire engine!!  They thought that was the best!!!

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  1. My Moms favorite author was Danielle Steele I could never get into her books. I may have read 1 in the past but I just do not care for the way she writes. That was a long time ago, maybe I would like it now though.

  2. Sounds like you are one busy Mama! But you're right - Mama Time is something we need to make sure we get so that we can keep going joyfully with focus and patience. Did you get your reading in? :)

    I'm thinking of grabbing ingredients to make homemade ice cream too! We have a LL Bean Ice Cream ball that we haven't used in ages. It requires a lot of shaking! LOL Or there's the electric ice cream maker that is quicker. ;)

    Oh, please preview Dark Ages before showing it to the kids. As you know the Middle Ages were a violent time in history and the documentary does SHOW that. I've always been fairly open to what the kids can see (if it's part of history), but for others it might be too much.

  3. All of your favorite things for the week sound awesome but if I'm forced to pick one, it would be the cobbler. Yummy!!

    Sounds like you had a great week.