Saturday, March 9, 2013

Our week in Review - Week 39

Well last weekend was so busy, I never got around to posting our Week in Review.  So here is our Week from Week 39:

Fresh popped popcorn in coconut oil....I am soooo jealous of these kiddos.  Of course, Joey can't eat it either.

 They played in the snow.

 They were also invited to a pool party with friends.
 Which they had a blast at!!

 We had our Troop's World Thinking Day, our country we represented was India.
 Of course, Art Class where we learned about art carved on City Walls.
 Our first SMASH Club meeting.
 For Adventure Club, they had learned about George Washington.  This game was a play on the Legend of George Washington throwing a coin across the Delaware River.  They threw milk caps across the "river" to the cans.
 They made hatchets and we talked about telling the truth.
 They used coins to do their own Mount Rushmore coin rubbing.
 We had a field trip to the Art Museum to learn about American Artists.  Lydia spotted the Mark Rothko right away.
They then were able to create their own art using watercolors at the art studio.
 We then checked out a History box from our Art Museum.  Since we have been talking about Ancient Egypt in History, this was perfect.  It's packed full of materials....and best of all, it's free to check out!!
 There are costumes
We tried to learn how to play Senet.  We had to fall back on YouTube to help us, and it was still confusing.

Stamping her name with Hieroglyph stamps into her "clay" tablet.  I ran out of clay at art class, so she used playdough.

 Lydia started this study for Science.
 This is a great standby display to talk about the layers of the earth.
 And Lydia LOVES egg salad, so she is working on making that.
 Joey started a study of Knights and Castles from Journey through Learning.  This is the recipe for Original Gyngerbread.

We ground up brown rice flour bread.
 Heated honey, and ginger.
Mixed it all together and let it cool.  It was very yummy!
Caty started Kindergarten math, since she was getting bored with the Preschool math activities.  I also bought her some triangle crayons to see if it helps her grasp better.  She is really stubborn in this area.  I need to find the triangler larger pencils because she has such short fingers, she needs the larger size.
 Lydia and I spent an evening playing games:

Carmen Sandiego USA
Pop for Sight Words...which a couple months ago she couldn't play well.  She was doing wonderful that night!!!
 Working on her SMASH Book.

We also had American Girl Club....They created flags for their families.
Another mom brought wooden tops similar to what Carolyn would have used in Book 1.  They had a blast with this!!!
We had our Homecoming Game and Dance for Special Olympics....Joey's in the center.
 Joey dancing with his friend Barb.
 Lydia loves this dance!!!
 We had a scrapbook party with friends then on Saturday.  It was a great afternoon of paper, food and fun!!!

 Lydia with Grandma
 We also participated in a busy bag swap in our homeschool group.  The library was giving away a ton of curriculum.  I picked up everything in our kids age level, and some extra for our possible co-op next year for music class.
Here's some of the great Swaps we got:

It was a very....very....very busy week!!!  I was exhausted and out of it by Saturday night, but we started all over again the next week :)

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