Saturday, March 9, 2013

Our Week in Review - Week 40

It's hard to believe that there is only 12 weeks left of our "school" year.  Last night I sat and wrote up the remaining year with them.  Some books will be finished, others won't.  But it's no big deal.  We go year around anyway, so no big deal.   But I at least have an outline planned and a week off planned also.  We are going to get to go to Philadelphia with my hubby next month!!

It started out this week as almost everyone in the house just didn't feel great.  I ate something over the weekend that I had a bad reaction too.  The boys caught a cold, and have stuffy noses and sore throats. The girls bodies were fighting it, because they seemed to sleep later all week.  But we still managed to finish up our projects this week.

We didn't go a lot of places this week though.  Caty had speech at the local preschool, two more months and I can be done with this.  I can't wait!!!  She doesn't like going there at all!  And if Caty doesn't like something she makes sure that you know!  I am working on a project for Special Olympics, so I spent Tuesday morning driving around working on that.  But still have a ton to finish this weekend with that.

Joey started his new 4H projects this week.  He is working on Sketching 1, Food 1, and Junk Drawer Robots 1.  He has almost finished First Aid 1 and Computer Basics 1.

 We borrowed the Medieval trunk from our local Art Museum.  Joey is learning about Knights and Castles using the Journey through Learning Lapbook (watch for the upcoming review).
 Making a shield while I read to him.

A couple of the books that he read this week...

He and Brayden are both working on the Astronomy and Space Lapbook from Journey through Learning.

They learned about Astronauts on Friday.  I using Brain Pop videos for them.  All the kids enjoy listening and learning from them.
Joey started these last week, but there were so many he finished this week.  He made cards of the constellations:

 Caty worked with magnets this week.  This was a favorite.  Will have to keep pulling this out.  We are using the Evan Moore Teacher Filebox printouts.

 Lydia loves PEZ dispensers.  I found a huge lot of well over 300 dispensers for only $20.00.  She loved it!!  Here she is going through them.
 The local library was giving away a ton of free teaching materials.  This handy little kindergarten phonics songs set was something we picked up.  Caty loves the songs and the chart.

This is an upcoming post...a project in the works.  The girls were making suncatchers on Thursday.  It was very cool.
Lydia and I got some blueberries on Sale at Kroger.  We were not sure what to do with them, you know besides just sitting down and eating them.  So we invented an allergen friendly blueberry cobbler...and it was so yummy.  We typed it up for this Kid's Cooking Website.
Can't say this was a favorite activity for me...we started mummifying a chicken.  This is the activity from Story of the World Volume 1.  I'll let you know how it turns out.  But I am having a hard time imagining 6 weeks of this!  Yuck!

Washing the chicken with rubbing alcohol.

 ****Pictures were courtesy of Caty since Lydia and I had yucky hands.

Monday the girls and I took cookies to our local fire department.  We have been planning this for a few weeks, since our fire department meets monthly.  Caty remembers the night we had to call the ambulance when she passed out from a croup attack.  They were really nice and let the girls examine an ambulance...

And they even got to sit in the 1928 fire truck...
And set off the siren...

Caty painted one morning and got into the SMASH book stickers....she was very proud of her artwork.

 Lydia finished her first Math Module with Touch Point math.  She was very proud of herself, and we are too!!!  She had really been wanting to learn how to read the clocks better, so we pulled out that module also.  She has been doing both.
 Learning the minute and hour hand.

 With all the craziness of violin and dance lessons and guitar lessons, we made it!  The kids finished all their assigned work!!  Whoopppiieee!!!  Very proud of them.  We are celebrating by making homemade ice cream weekend.  Yummy!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful week too.  Linking up with other homeschool moms at:


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  1. What a jam packed week of great stuff! I like your new blog design too.

  2. Great week... I have always wanted to try the mummifying the chicken but haven't done it yet, always afraid of the smell:) You always plan great weeks for your 4 kids don't know how you fit it all in:)

  3. OH my gosh that chicken looks so funny in that bag. Don't ask me why...but it made me laugh. Thanks so much for sharing this at HammockTracks.