Friday, March 15, 2013

Our Week in Review - Week 41

We had quite a week.  I may have found a happy amount of work to accomplish each week.  I really like the limited amount of running this week!!  It was awesome!!!  Next week is going to be a challenge.  But we have two great field trips planned :)!!

Joey is working on a 4H project here.  He needed to make fruit kabobs.  Well of course he wouldn't eat them, but Lydia and I thought they were great!  Caty loved the watermelon, even though it wasn't as great as "in season".

Joey kept working on his Unit study about Knights and Castles from Journey though Learning.  These were some of the books he read this week.  And he caught me off guard...I again thought he was just skimming.  But he came out quoting some fact about knights, and I asked if it was in his lapbook?  He replies, Nope, it was in the Ms. Frizzle book.  Go figure, he was reading!!
Caty School is another post, but this week Caty and I read Moon Bear and we learned about the Moon Bears of Asia.  Here she is making her bear craft.  And yes, that is coffee grounds she is putting on her painted bear to give him texture.  She also learned some phases of the moon.
Oh my...this was a good salad.  Lydia and I were digging to find salad supplies (since I forgot to get "special" stuff).  We used a great organic leaf lettuce mix, with tomatoes, avocado, sliced grapes, diced chicken and lemon juice.  It was super yummy and so simple!!!
Lydia continued her study of the Earth, using the Earth Lapbook from Journey through Learning.  Here we watched the Brain Pop Jr. video on the Water cycle.  She also learned about Oceans this week.  Her geography terms this week included continental shelf, so everything sort of fell together.  It was nice.
In History, Lydia finished the first section of Ancient Egypt in Story of the World V.1.  She shocked me picking out this library book...on her own to read with me!!
I think she is enjoying her study of Ancient Egypt.  This week she made a sugar cube pyramid.

She used blue sprinkles for water...not sure why?!?

We also watched some videos on Ancient Egypt.  Someone put a lot of work into this blog and sharing all this info!!  I cannot thank them enough for all of it.  We are enjoying watching these clips.

I found these cute color by number books at the drug store  a couple weeks ago.  The girls and I sat and colored the other day just for fun.  I am working more with Caty on these skills.  I bought special triangle crayons because she is having such a hard time with her pencil/crayon grip.  She does at least 3 pages a week with me.
Hooked On issued a challenge to build with spaghetti and mini-marshmallows in honor of the new Veggie Tales movie.  So we accepted, and this is what happened.
We started out with it being rather large, but trying to brace the level with extra spaghetti. didn't go so well....
 Lydia really got into the marshmallows that I don't normally buy anymore.
We built on a smaller base, but still only got to 12 inches...Caty put the flag on just before I snapped the pics....and then it fell.
Right now Lydia is using Touch Point Math - Grade 2.  She finished her first module and almost done with her second.  (Watch for the upcoming review).  These flashcards are great because she is working on fact families.  The smile I got when the bulb went off, like I finally got it!  9 + 1 is 10 and 10 - 1 is was funny!
Joey is working on a drawing project from 4H.  Here he is learning to use a grid to do a drawing.
 The boys are almost finished with their Astronomy study from Journey through Learning.  This week they learned about Rockets and the Moon.  Here they are watching a Youtube video on the Phases of the Moon.  They were using white oil pastels to create their own Moon Phase chart.
Yet another 4H cooking project.  Joey is making granola bars.  I need to re-write all the recipes to make them allergen friendly.
 These did not stick together well for some reason...not sure, but they were super tasty!!!
Lydia made homemade model magic today.  It was fun and cheap.  Total cost for a HUGE batch was roughly $3.00.

This much would've probably cost us about $15.00 in the store to buy it.  She is using it for her Book Festival project.
Lydia got very creative with acrylics the other night and went crazy painting.  She used every brush and color I had.  She was using mat board for canvas....holy cow.  She painted and went through probably 12 mat boards.  She is copying this project from the Usborne project ideas book.
Joey's last 4H cooking project his week.  He made pizza pockets or calzones for lunch.  It was another re-written recipe.  We used Bob Red Mills Pizza crust mix.  Made homemade pizza sauce (since most jar sauces have soy in them), and DIYA vegan cheese.

 They were pretty good!!!
 To help with the boys final science lesson this week on Rockets, we made balloon rockets.  The girls had fun with this one too.
Lydia and I are trying Yoga together.  We found a YouTube video to get us started.  We are trying some videos from the library also to see what ones we like.  Then we'll buy some.  This has been fun.  Although, so far it hasn't helped my fibro any....but neither has this weather!
Brayden finished his History booklet this week, right now schedule.  He is still seeking bare minimum, so I am forcing in any learning I can.  Joey is also reading about Daniel Boone right now for Adventure club.  I have learned so much about Daniel Boone in the last few days.  I never...ever. knew this much in school.  Really frustrated about all the misinformation I was always told!  Today we watched a cartoon on Daniel Boone I got from Netflix...and surprisingly it was not full of lies.  Even Lydia came out in the living room and watched it too.
Lydia and Joey both had their first 4H meeting of the year this week.  Lydia loves Cloverbuds.  Joey was a bit bored that night because it was elections, and a lot of speeches to listen too.  But he made it through as I kept explaining him that these kids worked on those speeches and they want everyone to know what kind of job they will do.  
We had a roller coaster week like always, it's a good thing we all like to ride roller coasters.  Now it's on to our typical cleaning weekend, to make up for the lack of organization during the week.  

Everyone have a wonderful weekend...
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  1. I love school mixed with food! What a fun week. You all had a blast.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. You have had a busy week. I especially enjoy the sugar cube pyramids. Thanks for sharing on HammockTracks and I cannot wait to see how many things you did this week.