Saturday, March 23, 2013

Our Week in Review - Week 42

We fell behind one day this week, but really it's not a big deal.  Just one lesson in Math a piece, and Brayden has some history to catch up on.  But that isn't totally because of the extra day off I gave them this week, that is because he chose to not do his assigned work.

The girls and I went on a field trip to learn how they make maple syrup.  We followed the directions on how to make maple syrup candy, which Lydia and I LOVE!  And we failed miserably.  Going to try again soon.

I won this DVD last year and it's really cute for kids to learn about maple syrup, so we watched it again:

Lydia has been making huge strides in her reading, so I have started introducing her to easy readers more often...and not just the ones that come with her phonics programs.  She has read two actual library books this week with minimal help!!!  Go Lydia!!!

This week Lydia finished up her lapbook from Journey through Learning about our Planet.  She built a volcano from the plans at Enchanted Learning.

She watched a National Geographic Movie on Volcanoes on Netflix.  Also watched the Magic School Bus on Volcanoes, and the Brain Pop video on them also.

Even Caty got into this experiment!!

Joey and Brayden started learning about each planet in our solar system.  
Last weekend we put white carnations in food coloring.  Ok it was a whole packet of Koolaid in a small amount of water.  After 2 days this is the only coloring we had.  We really did not have huge success, but we did have a little since you can see the red coloring in the flower veins.
Lydia started learning about fact families.
She actually picked up this concept very quickly!
We went to a maple syrup set up to learn where we get maple syrup.  They had a set up for the kids to try drilling holes using what they would use to tap a tree.

By Wednesday night I was so tired, and we were getting ready for a weekend away with the grandparents that I gave the kids Thursday and Friday off.  I needed to pack and get things ready for the weekend.  I have decided to take a couple days off next week and do a few things also.  It's going to be another week of non-stop activity.  Go figure!!

Hope everyone has a great week!!

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