Sunday, April 28, 2013

Carnegie Natural History Museum Field trip - Part 1

I am always scouting for new experiences or something exciting while we are traveling with Joe.  I really seek out activities that we cannot do in our own area on a regular basis.  So I was pretty excited to find the Carnegie Natural History Museum in Pittsburgh....even better they were a reciprocal museum on our Art Museum Family membership!!!

 I love this fountain...want one in our backyard!
 Looking at layers of rock
Minerals and gemstones....This was a great sections.  So many amazing rocks, minerals and gemstones (which we could not take pictures of).
Now that is a piece of coal!!


3 types of rocks broken down....

Fluorescent rocks...This was very cool, and the effect just isn't the same because of my flash.

 Checking rocks for Radioactivity
 How the rocks and minerals are found and mined out.
 So beautiful!!!

A very neat display of origami art!!!

Watch tomorrow for Part 2 of our visit to Carnegie Natural History Museum!  We haven't even gotten to the dinosaurs yet!