Monday, April 29, 2013

Carnegie Natural History Museum Field trip - Part 2

So the real reason we stopped at the Carnegie Natural History Museum is to see the dino bones!!  Caty loves to look at dino bones.  Out of all our kids...the youngest girl is the dino fan.  

 They had a lab set up, and there were scientists working in it!

 You could actually touch this dinosaur Femur!!!  The girls were a little skeptical.

 I found this very interesting....this find was what got Carnegie interested in collecting dinosaur bones.
There was A LOT of walking.  Caty got tired....but then if you look above her..

 This was above her!!
 The coolest part of this exhibit!!!!  This is the first T-rex skeleton ever found!!!

Then it was dig time!!!

Wooly Mammoth vs. Mastedon

 And for my fellow Game of Thrones fans.....

 They had an AMAZING insect collection that Caty was amazed by!
 This tarantula was very cool!
 And to finish off our trip....a Penny for our souvenir book!!

We only spent a couple hours at this museum, and we did not even get a chance to see half of it.  This museum is AMAZING!!!  We did not even get a chance to see the Art Museum that it houses.  If you get a chance on your next visit to Pittsburgh, visit the Carnegie Natural History Museum.