Friday, April 19, 2013

Homeschool Mothers Journal - Week 46

In my life this week....

It has truly been a busy...busy...busy week.  We started out in Ohio, and had doctor meds...and then a field trip to the Science Museum in Toledo.  Now at the end of the week, we find ourselves in Historic Philadelphia.  We have been to 3 science museums this week!!  Good thing for our family memberships to both our local science museum and art museum...$0.00 out of pocket right now (and our membership has been paid for x3 at least now!!).  We hung around Independence Hall today to check out things we missed this past fall.  We also briefly saw Carpenters Hall.

We attempted to go to see a link of the Underground Railroad here in Philadelphia....and I was extremely frustrated and irritated.  So we left and didn't return for an actual tour.  ( patience hasn't been real great lately.)  

Something I ate caused a severe food reaction for me ... and I have been miserable for several hours now.  I just keep working through the pain, it's the only thing that I can do.

In our homeschool this week....

We are not "Formally" schooling.  We are reading and doing other various activities this week and next week.  We had some great discussions today about the Underground Railroad.  (Lydia and I just finished the American Girl Addy books, and Philadelphia is where Addy and her Momma came to when they ran away.  So she thought it was great.)

Joey had an eye opening experience at the Franklin Institute yesterday while in the human body exhibit.  Something clicked about healthy eating and stress affecting the heart.  So we have been having various discussions about this.  Now whether or not he bothers listening to what he is preaching to me...when I don't even really eat any processed foods....we'll wait and see.  His big thing for me is stress.  LOL!!!

Caty keeps asking why we are not doing worksheets, and I reminded her that we are learning.  We are living history this week.  We are counting streets, while walking back to our parked van.  We are seeing plants that we don't see around our house.  We are learning about space and the human body...and we don't have to have a worksheet to do this.

What I am cooking....

Not much actually.  Planned to pre-cooking some items for our trip, but ran out of time.  I packed picnic food favorites for the trip out Wednesday, but they all ate junk food and food out.  We made tacos in our room tonight and tomorrow we are planning spaghetti.  Lunch tomorrow is food from street carts....I promised them they could do that again this trip.  Can't wait to get back on track next week.

What I am reading....

Actually reading two books for review.  One from Leadership Garden Legacy and one called Papa's Pearls.  Watch for the reviews.  I was also reading the American Girl Saige book so Lydia and I could get started reading this together.  The other book I am reading is for Science this summer.  I am planning our weekly experiment topics for a little science group that we'll be meeting with all summer.

What I am working on....

Seriously thinking about how to do school with the kiddos.  Basically looking at doing a rotation of certain subjects.  So many weeks of science and history, rotating around.  And then we'll be able to actually do the foreign language that Lydia is asking to do.  Been working on ideas for Brayden to.  Ughhh...he's a challenge.  I gave him the option for K12 or ECOT and he said no.  He just wants to keep doing what I am creating, so I told him to stop whining and do his work  When we get back we will be helping get the family garage sale ready.

My favorite thing this week....

There's been a moment every day.  

Brayden trying to feed the newborn kitten.

 Joey at 4H....complaining the whole time until another kiddo started talking to him about Minecraft, his favorite subject.  They forgot they were even working.  It was hilarious...and so cool to see him interact with the other kid.
 Building a bridge with some homeschool friends at Imagination Station.
 Too pooped from looking at dinosaurs.
 The colonial solider took out his sword to pose with Joey today...He was a nice guy :)
 And then Lydia asked him to pose again.  It was sweet.
 I love this building.  You stand in front of it and it is so overwhelming.  I feel like a I need a hoodie and some Rocky theme music even as I look at the picture.  Of course it's not as big as the Philadelphia Art Museum's entrance...but still pretty cool.
Linking up with other homeschool moms at iHomeschool Network...hope everyone had a great week!!!

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  1. Every year I struggle with what curriculum or subjects we will study the next year. We put so much pressure on ourselves to get it right don't we-
    I love your pics- especially the sweet one with the kitty. :)