Friday, April 26, 2013

Visiting Franklin Institute - Part 2

Franklin Institute was so much fun!!!  Way too much for one blog post!

They had K'nex that the kids could create a moon buggy to try and drive on the rocky terrain.

 Large telescope with a way to see what you would have seen if looking through the viewfinder.

 A piece of meteorite found in Arizona....they could touch it.
 A really fun hands-on exhibit.

 Sitting on the chair makes different sounds...the boys thought this was great.

 This was fun....shoot the various Air Cannons to move the sparkly material.

 The boys rode in the Max Air simulator...they thought this was great.

 I don't think I will be flying with them anytime soon.

 The girls were too short for Max Air, so they got to ride in the Adventure Flight.