Thursday, April 25, 2013

Homeschool Mothers Journal - Week 47

In my life this week.....

We are back from Philadelphia.  Saw a lot of historical sites and fun ones also.  Philadelphia is a great place if you don't want to relax and see lots of stuff.  I always feel like I can't sit still when we are there because there are so many things to choose from and see.  I will be posting pics of all of our adventures over the next week or so.

Have you ever felt like someone threw a stick into your bicycle tire?  And off you go flying...not sure what is happening next or if it will hurt when you land.  Well that's how I am feeling right now.  Philly was up and down for us.  We will need to go to St. Louis soon, but then we just found out we need to go to Tennessee in two weeks.  So not prepared for that.  We were just getting back on the bicycle (or at least I felt like it)....and wham!!  Someone stuck something in my tire to trip me up.  Oh well....Looks like I am going to get my wish to go and relax a little in Nashville.  Maybe this trip I can visit that clothing store in downtown where the actors from the show Nashville keep getting spotted shopping.  That'd be so cool to run into someone from the show!

In our homeschool this week....

We took it easy, just doing some reading on Monday & Tuesday.  Wednesday they had the day off.  Today we did some basic stuff.  History reading, Science and math for Joey.  Lydia did math (money), phonics/spelling, grammar, and reading.  She also worked on an American Girl project for Saige.  She's starting her "art" board.  Caty did basic alphabet and math.  Brayden....well Brayden didn't do anything!!  I threatened (and to him it is a threat) to send him back to regular school.  We'll see how he does tomorrow.

We had American Girl Club today, and there were some great projects that moms planned.  Lydia had so much fun.  She won't take off her cowrie shell necklace (we had our last meeting for Addy today).

Places we're going.....

Well we just got back from Philadelphia.  While there we visited the Franklin Institute, Independence Visitor Center, Carpenters Hall, George Washington's house, Independence Seaport Museum, Atlantic City Steel Pier and lighthouse, the 9/11 Memorial National Park and Eastern State Penitentiary.  When we got back, we had American Girl Club today and the Special Olympics Craft show this weekend.  Joey and Lydia are also helping Grandpa pick up trash for Earth Day (it was rescheduled because of the weather).

Things I'm reading....

Same stuff as last week.  Although I did manage to finish both the American Girl Saige books and the study guides will both be up by the weekend on this blog.  I am still working on Papa's for the review.  Need to finish the Karen Robards book I started and haven't finished.  And I also need to get going on my photography class.

Things I'm cooking....

I made Mexican Meatloaf with homemade potatoes.  Then repurposed the leftovers into potato patties for lunch and tacos for dinner.  Still have enough for leftover sandwiches tomorrow.  Tomorrow going to be baking cookies for the 4H Bake Sale over the weekend, and Lydia and I will be re-creating a girl scout cookie for our troop.  I also have reviewing a Molly cookbook, and will be trying a new recipe from it tomorrow.

Things I'm working on.....

Well I was going to be getting ready for the Book Sale for our homeschool group, but that will now be changing since we are going to be in Tennessee that week.  I guess I will be re-packing all our suitcases, and looking at a school schedule for the next two weeks.   I also will be working on a couple field trips for the summer.

I rewarded my kids this week....

They got to pick their choice of junk food at the store yesterday....and yuck they picked poptarts.  They ate way too much junk food this past week anyway.  So we need to make some gradual adjustments back to a more normal eating routines.  This weekend we will have a campout in the living room and watch movies all night (or as long as they can stay awake).

A favorite thing this week......

Caty is obsessed with dandelions.  She stops and must pick them no matter where we are.  There were some at the lighthouse in Atlantic City that she had to stop and pick.  I keep reaching in my purse and my fingers turn yellow because there are so many dandelions in the bottom of my purse most  The simple things in life.

Photo from the week....

Our family at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia.  A nice lady who was also touring at the same time took the photo for us.  This was a great tour!!!

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  1. Dandelions are awesome you know they are edible, the whole thing you can use the greens n your salad. I saw a link day year that had dandelion jam!!

    1. I used to hunt the greens for my grandma. I told Lydia that we need to do that this spring. She's never hunt dandelion greens before. And she's the one that would eat them :)

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