Friday, May 17, 2013

Homeschool Mother's Journal - Week 50

In my life this week.....

It started out a really, really, REALLY bad week.  It was just rough with some emotional stuff with Joey.  Oh...and the washer broke too.  :(  The stupid part was going to cost more than the washer cost us originally.  Go figure.  We have been doing our schoolwork around all our activities.  We had Art Class, SMASH Club, Zoo Homeschool Project Fair, and now our family Garage Sale.  So today I had Lydia practice counting money.  I wanted her to do reading, but she did not want to have any of that.  So fun, fun, fun....she got out of reading tonight.

In our homeschool this week....

The boys have been doing well getting their schoolwork done, or so I think as I have been glancing at their to-do lists.  I haven't graded or really checked anything real close.  But they know if they don't finish, they have to do it on the weekend.  There has been a lot of Magic School Bus this week.  The girls have been watching it.  It's one of Caty's favorite shows.

Lydia and Caty started an earthworm project.  We are watching some worms in a jar that we collected out back.

Places we went and people we saw......

We had SMASH Club and Art class this week.  It was our last art club of the current school year.  We had so much fun!!! Can't wait until September :)

The kids worked on Pointellism in art class.
Grandma and Lydia at SMASH Club working on a page together
On Tuesday, it was our Special Olympics Spring Athletic Banquet.  This is Joey with the Cheer Squad.  It was fun!!!
Joey's Cheerleading pic.
We did some van schooling this week.  Lydia is working on her math and phonics workbook on our way to the zoo.
Lydia's project for the Toledo Zoo Homeschool Project Fair.  She is ready for next year's classes to start already.
 Caty's last tap class before her recital on Saturday.
Family Garage Sale again.....lots and LOTS of stuff out.

Last night I decided to try and make marshmallows from scratch.  I am allergic to no marshmallows.  One of my FAVORITES!!!!  I will share the recipe I used.  And do a post on these.  They turned out great.  Going to try and roast them tonight or tomorrow on the campfire !!!

What I am reading.....

I am still working on a Nicholas Sparks book.  But also had to start pulling out my sensory books for Caty.  Need to tackle this and refresh myself on how to handle her meltdowns.

What I am cooking....

Being creative.  We didn't have time to go to the store this week.  So using up what was left in the house.  They ate from the dairy bar in town a couple times this week too.  That was a HUGE treat.  I usually only let them get food there maybe once a month.  I made homemade marshmallows last night.  Watch for a post when I see how versatile these may be!!  They are super yummy!!!

Things I am working on....

I worked on their schedules for schoolwork the next couple months.  We school year around, and take a week off or a few days off here and there.  Seems to work better that way.  Too much time off and it's a pain to get them back doing their studies again.  I am also working on our Summer Science club.

Cleaning closets, bookshelves, and now we need to clean up from that mess again.  I have basically created a massive mess again.

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Everyone have a great weekend!!!!!

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