Sunday, May 19, 2013

Visiting Atlantic City - Part 1 The Absecon Lighthouse Tour

During our last trip to Pennsylvania, we decided to go to Atlantic City and visit Steel Pier and Absecon Lighthouse!!!  It was only an hour and half drive there, and it was great and yet freezing that day.

It was a beautiful and clear day.

The very interesting thing about Absecon Lighthouse is that it was built on a empty area and buildings were built around it blocking it's actual use.  So they had to build a second smaller lighthouse in order for ships to still see the coast.  Now all you can see is the casinos wrapped around the front, blocking the view of the ocean.  It was deactivated in 1933, but the light still shines nightly.

The original lighthouse
From the museum shop:

 Oil can

She is obsessed with pick dandelions and must stop to pick them up, no matter where we are.

They had a community garden originally, and were required to remove it by the Lighthouse Association.  They now have a community garden on this land in honor of the original attempt.

It was Lydia's second lighthouse climb and Joe, Joey and Caty's first.  They had fun...even in the cold wind !!!

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