Monday, May 20, 2013

What we are up to this week....

Wellllllll.....I was hoping for an easy week.  Nope :( !!  I was just looking over the calendar and may cry a bit.

We have our last Adventure club and LEGO Clubs of this official School year.  Lydia has gymnastics. Joey has horseback riding.  We are all going to a Toledo Mudhens game Tuesday morning.  We have a playdate with some homeschool friends on Wednesday.  An Art Museum tour and American Girl club this week.  Also an Ice Cream Social on Friday....whew.  And I want to go to the zoo Friday afternoon to see the new exhibit that is opening.  Not sure yet how we are going to do it all, and cram in work.  But we fell a little behind last week, so playing catch up in a couple areas.

Math - Working on adding money
Science - Taking his test over Invertebrates and learning about the Desert
Grammar - plural nouns
Presidents - Learning about John Adams, James Monroe and Thomas Jefferson
States - Will be learning about 4 regions (basically the East coast areas)
4H - Will be keeping a food diary and also learning about (First Aid) poisonings and dog bites

Math - Subtracting multiple columns and reading a chart
Science - Finish his unit on Frogs
Grammar - plural and possessive nouns
History - 1850s - 1860s  - acquiring lands in the West
Working on Reading comprehension and starting a new social studies book

Math - counting/adding quarters and then mixed coins
Science - continue our earthworm projects
Grammar - working on proper nouns with Months of the year names
Phonics - A beka phonics 1
Reading - Next lesson...up to number 38
Finish a State Fair project
Cursive C & D

Science - earthworms
Math - continue practicing number recognition (add in simple addition)
Reading - Tale of Peter Rabbit (and  bunny themed activities)
Letters - Review (phonics dance)

Hope everyone has a great week!!!  See you on Friday!!!

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