Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Visiting Atlantic City - Part 2 ---- The Steel Pier

I have always wanted to go to an Amusement park on a pier.  So we jumped on the opportunity to take the kids to the Steel Pier in Atlantic City.

What a fun and cold trip.  It was windy and about 40 degrees that day (in the wind though...it was freezing!!)

Enjoying our walk along to the boardwalk to Steel Pier.

 The kids were excited to see it in the distance.
Anyone remember the movie Wild Hearts Cant Be Broken.  This is where it took place.  The horse diving show.

 Joey looked down and saw the ocean underneath.  Now they have been on piers...but there's just something different about riding amusement rides on one!!

 That is my hubby in orange.....and they were not expecting it to go upside down.

Our ticket booklet
 The girls making a Bobble head video.

Riding the ferris wheel on the Steel Pier...very cold and very neat to do!!!

 You can see the other car where Joey is...

 Joey and Brayden riding Crazy Mouse.

 Final ride on the carousel.

 Enjoying a burger on the boardwalk.

 Then a quick chilly walk on the beach to collect shells.
 and chase seagulls.

 Caty and I on the ferris wheel.
 Riding the ferris wheel.

Ok....I wasn't overly impressed with Atlantic City.  We have been once, probably won't go back.  I didn't think the beach was clean.  It was very dirty.  And seriously....the amount of casinos was unbelievable.  What a waste of beautiful beach front property....oh well.  It was definitely fun to visit it once though :)

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