Friday, May 24, 2013

Homeschool Mothers Journal - Week 51

In my life this week.....

What a week.  It was very busy.  We had a wonderful day at the park with some local homeschool friends.  We went to a baseball game with some friends.  There was the grocery store...yeah that was not so  No one came to Adventure Club or LEGO Club this week, so Lydia and I ran a couple errands and came home.  I started training again for a 5K this summer.  I just hope I can do it, because my body is already rejecting some of the exercise.   My blood sugar has been doing weird things, and I think it is because of the white rice I picked up Monday.  I really wanted some Jasmine rice, and I haven't had white rice in several months.....since the issues really came to head this week, maybe the culprit.

In our homeschool this week....

We learned about Earthworms and Clouds.  Joey learned about Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.  Brayden finished his lesson on frogs and learned a bit about the Westward Expansion.  Caty played on ABC Mouse alot this week because when I was home, she was not in a good mood or neither were the boys.  She also watched a lot of Magic School Bus, which are her favorite.  The boys started working on plural nouns (and all the rules that go with them) and possessive nouns.  Saying this was a hard topic is an understatement.  I left the rules posted all week....but they still are struggling.  Guess we will work some more next week.

Things I am working on.....

Brayden does not enjoy the social studies book that I have for him, so changing that up a bit.  I am also getting the kids new plastic school drawers.  Their original boxes from two years ago are starting to bow under the books, so going to use those for scrapbooking supplies.  Also need to rearrange my office, but not sure how that is going to get done this weekend.  We have some friends and family visiting this weekend.  I also need to plant more in our garden.  Our organic seeds did not grow....I am very disappointed!  So need to grab more seeds this weekend.  The kids want to grow carrots, more tomatoes, and probably lettuce and cabbage.

Something I'm reading.....

Yeah, nothing right now.  Have several books in reserve.  Going to try harder to read some.  But I have my photography course I need to get started on also.

Things I'm cooking....

I made potato and dumpling soup yesterday.  The only one who didn't like it was Joey...go figure.  He doesn't like potato soup or chicken and dumplings.  So it was a double whammy for him.  Going to grill on the fire pit tonight.  Hopefully I won't catch the food on  Next week I need to follow a better plan!

I rewarded the kids this week.....

We made homemade frostys when I got done mowing today.  Of course, we had to fight to get their schoolwork done.  So really the frostys were more for me :)

Pictures to share from this week..... these are a hodge podge since our last Homeschool Mothers Journal....

Caty had a fancy dance recital.  She looked like Shirley Temple in her dress.  I should have left her hair down in the curls.
 The kitten is now eating soft food.  He has doubled his size in the past month.
 Our earthworm habitat.
Lydia made jello worms.
Caty and I are reading Peter Rabbit and doing a Five in a Row theme with it.
We went to a Toledo Mud Hens Game Tuesday morning.  It was a daytime game...what hard schoolwork they had!

 We had to hide from the was beating down on us.
 Caty got bored, so I pulled out the stash of coloring books.

The boys are working on plural and possessive nouns this week.  It's been a bit rough.  We'll be working on it again next week.
 My poor kitchen table.  We haven't used it for food in a couple weeks.
 Joey working on dry/wet measuring for a 4H project.
Lydia and I read about Israel today for her World Geography
Lots of time in the sprinkler the last week of the heat.  Our pool is not set up yet, the new one doesn't come until next Thursday.  So the kiddos found a way to beat the heat!
It's been a long couple weeks, just stress wise with emotional roller coaster children and not feeling well ourselves (Joe and I both have bad allergies)....but had a good time.  Including a great cookout last weekend make smores and melted banana chips.

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  1. How did you get your Jello worms to come out so nice? We tried that, but they didn't look as cool as yours!!

    1. We left out the cream. We also added an extra packet of gelatin just to play safe :) They melted pretty quick though, and were a bit of a pain to get out of the straws. It was fun to do once, but too messy for a party.