Monday, May 6, 2013

What we are up to this week....

Well we are basically wrapping up for the year.  I have contacted our assessor to make an appointment for the kids to visit with her.  Would like to get a step ahead on the paperwork, since our district is notorious for losing it annually.  

This week....

Joey will be working on "life" skill math, or reinforcing the basics.  Lots of practice may help him with those basics.  We'll wait and see.  In History, he'll be learning about Tecumseh for Adventure Club, and then next week we'll return to Modern History, 20th Century.  With Science, he'll be reading about amphibians, reptiles and birds.  Quite the combination, but that is the sections he'll be covering in the A Beka science unit.  He has a video he'll be watching on Tecumseh.  He'll also be working on a product for review about Web page design.  In 4H, he'll be working on his First Aid project and Snack Attack projects this week.  

Lydia will continue working on money in math.  In Grammar, was/were and practice calendar work (First Language Lessons).  Science, she'll be learning about clouds.  Geography, starting a new World Geography product (watch for the upcoming review).  Also practicing her Spanish.  She'll be making an Israeli meal. She'll continue her sight words and reading.

Brayden will be learning about Frogs.  Doing his usual spelling and reading comprehension program.  He'll be starting his new Math curriculum also.  In History he'll be reading about Lewis and Clark and the Industrial Revolution.  There are videos on Brain Pop and Brain Pop Jr. he will also be watching.

Caty is doing her typical "preschool" stuff.  She has her Hooked on Phonics Alphabet she's working on.  A couple games to remember her upper and lower case letters and UmiZoomi math book.  She's going to be also learning about the different habitats of the world.

Hopefully we'll get to see my niece's play today.  We have typical gymnastics and dance.  Joey might get to go to horseback riding tonight also.  We have our Homeschool book sale this Friday and a cool activity with Scouts.  The weather appears that it will be nice all week.  So pretty excited.

Hope everyone has a great week!!!

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  1. We are wrapping up too:). Are the assessor for state requirements? Now that I am returning stateside I am getting anxious to knew what I have to do since the UK has no requirements. You always have so much on your plate I honestly don't know how you do it:)