Monday, May 13, 2013

What we are up to this week.....

Well, chugging along.  Our "official" 2012-2013 is almost over.  We will still continue along, using the same materials.  There will be a few changes, and a few additions.


Science - Invertebrates
Math - Continue addition problems in booklets
Grammar – Lesson 31 Singular and Plural Nouns
States – pg 5 Color regions
Presidents – Presidents (George Washington pg 26 and John Adams pg 27) – Dover coloring book
4H – Snack Attack – Activity 2 Keep food diary (blueberry smoothie) & #3 Digging for Grains
4H – First Aid – Dog bites pg 20 & 21, First Aid for Poisons Pg 22 & 23
4H - Collectibles

Science – Finish up learning about Frogs
Spelling – Regular stuff
Grammar – Lesson 31 Singular and Plural Nouns
Math – pg 14 – 16 Subtraction Review
History – History - learn about Industrial Revolution and a little about Immigration

Science - Earthworms (with all the yardwork, found a ton in the yard)
Math – Continue work with money...adding quarters and dimes into the mix of adding and counting
FLL –  Lesson 40, see/saw/seen, Lesson 41 Months of the Year, Lesson 42 – practice writing full name and birthdate
Phonics – Unit 37
Reading – Finish Saige Book 1
Geography – Israel
Girl Scout projects for State Fair
Abeka – Phonics workbook 43-46
Geographical Features – Fjord, Ford, Forest, Geyser

Science - Earthworms (going to combine her with Lydia)
Letters A & B
Shapes - Circle
Team Umi-Zoomi Math
Start reading Tale of Peter Rabbit
**Practice Phonics Dance Daily

Caty is going to have lots of review.  She has chosen to throw tantrums and fight, so we are going to try the Easy Peasy Homeschool Curriculum.  Going to start at Level 1 with her, so lots of review this first month.  And then we'll move forward with new lessons by the middle of July.

Lydia has her Zoo Homeschool Project Fair on Wednesday.  This is her 3rd year in Zoo class, and our first Project fair.  We are usually in Tennessee right now, so we never make it the last month of the class.  So we are pretty excited.  Even have her project ready.  She is also working on her State Fair projects.  Many in the works, only a couple near completion.

Our last art class of this school year is tomorrow.  Sad and excited all at the same time.  Same for our Smash Club.  Hoping to keep that going this summer though.

Hope everyone has a great week!!!  

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