Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Independence Seaport Museum - Part 2 - Visiting a WWII Submarine

While at Independence Seaport Museum, we had the opportunity to tour a WWII Submarine...The USS Becuna.
She saw dandelions....had to stop yet again.
 The Olympia and Becuna.

 Walking across the deck of the Becuna.
This was a bit difficult, but very fun to climb down.
The rear torpedo bays.

The shower is smaller than a closet.
The officers section of the ship was more private.  Their pantry.
 The War Room
 The next two pics were the Captain's Quarters

Junior Officer's State Room
 Chief Petty Officers Quarters
 The news/message room
 Engine room....

 Radio Room
 Main Galley
 Mess hall
 Sink/Coffee area
 Sleeping quarters for regular men.

 Climbing our way back out....most of the kids and Joe decided to tour through twice.  They really liked this submarine!

Part 3 is touring the Olympia.....Watch for it on Thursday.

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