Monday, May 27, 2013

What we are up to this week.....

It is our last week of "this" school year.  Week 52...hard to believe that.  Seems like we just started a new school year.

What we are working on this week.....

Math - adding money
Science - Exploring Oceans
Presidents - James Monroe and John Quincy Adams
US Geography - Still working on regions
Government - Learning about local government and the Branches of the US Government
4H Snack Attack - Working on eating the rainbow and learning about the difference in grains
4H First Aid - Wrapping up and putting together a medical kit
Grammar - more practice with plural nouns
4H collectibles project

Math - Patterns and doing math in his head
Science - Weather (he is going to start using Simple Homeschool online units)
History - He'll be starting his Early to mid 1800s workbook
Spelling - Review of the past 4 weeks
Grammar - practice following the rules of plural nouns
Geography - What are landforms?  .... this will be an ongoing study for the next 3-4 weeks
Working on designing a webpage

Art - Giotto
History - Culture of Ancient Egypt and Medieval cultures change
Phonics - Regular lessons
Practice sight words and reading
Math - chart reading and some easy money sheets
Science - beginning weather unit (watch for the upcoming review)
Grammar - Work on nouns
Spelling - I, the, and, my, of & you

Phonics Dance - working on till H
Math - recognizing numbers
Finish up Peter Rabbit activities
Science - learn about weather words

Hope everyone has a great week!!!!  See you on Friday!!!!

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