Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Homeschool Mothers Journal - Week 4

In my life this week....

Just been plan busy....trying to get some yard work done.  Office work done.  Some cleaning done.  I need to tackle the basement.....but so few come out of our basement alive that I may just skip that.  Unfortunately though there are so many boxes that need to be gone through.....that it must be done.  (I am heaving a huge sigh right now at the thought!)

I am still working on essential oils.  I have been using clary saige for hormone issues, which I thing make my fibro issues worse.  So far, seems to be helping a bit.  Still in experiment process though, so not jumping up and down yet.  The peppermint oil is really doing great for my headaches though, and so is the clove oil.  Eucalyptus is helping with my allergy stuffiness.

In our homeschool.....

We were on a mini-vacation.  They had the week off, except for their Reading club books.  Lydia had Cloverbud Day Camp for 3 days though, and Joey did have guitar lessons.

The girls and I took a field trip to the Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum this past Friday!  It was a neat place to explore (even if there was a nasty person there).  Our group still enjoyed themselves.

What I am cooking....

Made a pretty yummy Thai "peanut" chicken using homemade sunflower nut butter.  Also did some salads.  We went to the Farmers Market Wednesday afternoon and I was able to get some goat cheese curds......yeah!!  They are so yummy!!!  And for someone who does not get to eat dairy often, I was savoring every morsel.  One day for lunch I made chicken caprese wraps.  I made chicken breast using garam masala spice and ginger, and diced it up.  Mixed it with fresh basil, diced tomato and the goat cheese curds.  Served it in leaf lettuce (half the ingredients were from the market!!).  I packed mine to go on our field trip this past Friday.  It was sooooo yummy!!!

My favorite thing this week....

Going to the Space Museum with the girls.  It was a lot of fun!!

Hope everyone has a great week.

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