Monday, June 24, 2013

What we are up to this week....

So what are we up to this week......I really wanted another full week off.  But that is not going to happen.  Reality is, two of the four kids have a ton of fair projects to finish.  If I let Brayden have another full week of school off, well he'll think he never has to do school work again.  And Caty, well she'll just imitate Brayden.  So the boys are doing regular schoolwork loads, with a little slack.  And the girls are doing partial loads, since Lydia has a ton of State Fair projects to finish.  (We were able to almost get 2 knocked out today!!!)

Joey is working on his Presidents unit, slowing chugging along in this endeavor.  He is almost half-way through the list of presidents.  For science, he is starting a book called, Life - How Did it Get here?  By Evolution or Creation.  He finished his A Beka science, and we decided this would be a great fit for him.  In Math he is finishing up how to add double/triple digit problems.  He is working on 3 different fair projects!  

Brayden is learning about various landforms in the world.  Practicing his basic division.  In Science he is doing a study on Space with Simple Schooling.  He chose the unit and then let's me know what he is learning about.  He is loving this self-led option, so I am going with it.  He just finished his Cats unit.   Both boys are doing daily vocabulary/grammar practice to refresh and keep advancing in parts of speech and word usage.  He finished and published his webpage today.  It was super cute!!

Lydia is learning about habitats in Science.  She is doing a project on Jane Goodall, and a few other State Fair projects.  Daily phonics, math fact review and sight word practice to go with her learning her first grade words.  In hopes that she'll be caught up by the end of her official "2nd grade" year.  I know there is a lot of controversy out there about giving meds to kids with ADHD.  In our case I tried diet and natural alternatives with Lydia and there was no success.  It was obvious that this issue is genetic, since Dad is ADD.  Putting her on meds has made such a difference in her schoolwork!!!  

Caty is also working on habitats in Science.  Playing/watching Easy Peasy (All in One Homeschool) lessons, and on ABC Mouse also.  She will be starting a new essential oil blend to help with focus.  Next week she is going to participate in a Virtual Book Club that I can easily add a science theme too.  I have the books and projects ready to go!

All the kids are still working on the Summer Reading Program at the library.  Joey has read 3 books.  Brayden will read, as long as he is assigned for "school" work.  So I guess that's another good reason to make sure they are continuing their lessons.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!

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