Saturday, June 15, 2013

Our Weekly Accomplishments and Triumphs - Week 3

We had a busy week.  We had regular schoolwork, signed up for summer reading program at our library, and also are participating in another summer reading program in our homeschool group.  Caty and I stopped at the library after a therapist appointment and they had shovels out to decorate.  She loved this and even spotted her shovel hanging up a few days later.
 I tackled this mess this week.  Not putting stuff away correctly because I am in a hurry, creates piles and disorganization......yuck
 So went through piles of curriculum and put stuff away.....and now this.....
 and even Lydia's desk is neat and clean again.
 Lydia worked on spelling, math, science and some State Fair projects.
 Caty and I learned about goats and learned the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff....
 She colored stick puppets and we acted it out then.
We watched a couple of videos on goats and read this book....

Brayden had a light bulb go off and even though he swears he didn't know how to do division....he realized he did.  Here he is dividing the counting bears into equal piles.  He watched a short video on division from the Khan Academy also.
 It was not all "learning"....there was fun too....
 We tie dyed shirts and other items!

 Caty and I dug in the back yard flowerbed.  We found centipedes, slugs (look below), earthworms and ants.  Oh and don't forget the "roly polys".  We now have a slug habitat, roly poly habitat, and working on an ant farm.  She had so much fun learning about these insects.
 We picked strawberries.....
 Made potato stamps (for our Artist study).  Lydia was learning about Albrecht Durer.  He did stamping using wooden plates he created.  So I showed them out to do potato stamps....and then they painted t-shirts using stamps.

 Lydia did a t-shirt and a tote bag.
They watched this video on Youtube....

While we were painting our shirts, I looked over and look what I saw.  Joey willingly and without being told reading in the treehouse.
 Caty and I worked on her phonics dance song so that she can learn sounds.  We also watched alphabet videos on All in One Homeschool....aka Easy Peasy.  She worked on A & B this week.  We really need to concentrate here in the area of letter sounds.  She easily forgets, so it is constant review right now.

 Lydia is doing review of phonics for the next couple weeks until she feels more confident.  She is making great improvements and tries to read more.  So we have added spelling of sight words she has memorized to her daily activities.
 She made her own frozen waffles and then got some strawberries and cleaned them.  Made this "pretty presentation" she said.

We had science club this week...that was a blast!!!  I will post those pics tomorrow or Monday.  The boys snuck around and didn't do all their work.  They managed to catch me distracted a lot this week.  So even though they have next week "off" from school, they will be finishing up all the work that they didn't finish.

We did a lot of reading this week, and will continue next week.  Lydia discovered a fairy series at the library that we are enjoying at read-aloud time.  Caty and I are following a suggested reading list for kindergarteners on Lesson Pathways.  We had finished the Five in a Row stories, and so kind of following this approach with the titles on Lesson Pathways.

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!!!!

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