Friday, June 14, 2013

Homeschool Mothers Journal - Week 3

In my life this week.....

Been up and down.....stress and more stress.  Worry about Joey and his up and down behaviors.

I have been working on learning more about essential oils.  I would love to take a class in them.  The only ones I found so far are VERY expensive.  If you know of any, please let me know.  I will research them!

The storms that ran through here last night left me with only a couple hours of sleep.  But I still have managed 2 workouts so far this week.  One more to go.  Doing Couch to 5K for a race at the end of July.

Lydia, Joey and I are going to volunteer tomorrow at the Give Autism the Boot fundraiser.  We are going to work a 3 hour shift tomorrow afternoon at a mall parking lot.  Saturday morning Lydia and I are going to walk with Grandpa in the Relay for Life.  And then we may just crash Saturday afternoon, and watch movies or something.  Been a long week.

In our homeschool this week....

Having trouble with Brayden finishing his schoolwork again.  Not sure why.  He's even had extra meds added and they are not helping.  He is very locked in his view of working with me, and me only.  I have to be at the table with him.

We finished almost all our work and we have Science Club Friday morning, so not much will get done that afternoon.

Projects I am working on.....

I need to start my photography course.  I really want to get it done so I have my certificate.  Plus I really do want to learn more about all the cool settings on my camera.

I am still decluttering and cleaning up my "office" area.  I also need to do some yardwork this weekend.  Shrubs need trimmed and some weeding/mulching.

I am also trying to learn more about essential oils.

I am also trying to get a bunch of blog posts pre-written and uploaded for this busy summertime.  I feel very behind on our blog, and want to work to share all we do.

Also working on Science Club information for our weekly Science activities with our friends.

Things I am reading....

Just finished....

Things I am cooking.....

I re-created a no-bake recipe yesterday and it turned out yummy.  Helped Joey learn how to make meatballs.   Some grilling, some salads....basically whatever I had time to cook this week.  Found some yummy olives that I could eat/snack on.   I am finding that I need to cut back on my grains.  It's causing issues again.  So will have to really watch what I eat.

Also discovered a recipe for upside down pineapple muffins.  Super yummy!!!

Photo to share.....

Lydia made her own breakfast.  She got out the strawberries, made her waffles in the toaster and put together her presentation.

Hope everyone has a great for tomorrow's post on what we learned this week.  Too much to fit in one post!!!

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