Monday, June 3, 2013

What we are up to this week....Week 1

Lydia starts weekly violin lessons (she does weekly during the summer since the teacher has more time then).  Our weekly Science club/play group starts this week too!!!  So excited about tomorrow.  We have an art date set for Wednesday to make art with our homeschool group for an art auction.  We have assessments this Thursday.  Caty has her first diagnosis appointment this Friday.  Going to be a long week....and guess what, summer is supposed to be easier.  Yeah Right!!

We do school year around, so we can take time off when we need for doctor appointments and therapy sessions.


  • Math - adding/counting money
  • Science - Exploring Ponds and the animals that live there
  • Presidents - Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, William Harrison
  • 4H - Finish up First Aid kit, work on muffin recipe for his Snack attack project and continue doing his collectibles project.
  • Government - What are the jobs of the President, and look at why some presidents are more popular or "remembered" better than others.
  • States - State capitals of the New England States
  • Grammar - possessives


  • Math - finding the unknown
  • Science - Finish weather and learn about cats 
  • Spelling - regular bookwork
  • History - Civil War
  • Landforms - learn about peninsulas
  • Grammar - possessives
  • Work on creating a webpage
  • Book Adventure reading tests (daily comprehension practice)


  • Math - addition and counting money
  • Science - nature reads weather and how to read a thermometer
  • Spelling - 5 new words
  • History - Life in Ancient Egypt
  • World Geography - Greece unit study (2 weeks)
  • Artist study - Leonardo da Vinci
  • State Fair projects - we have 5 to get done this week.


  • Science - She is going to put together her ant farm
  • Geography - Greece (along with Lydia)
  • We are going to read about Rabbits
  • Following direction sheets
  • Explore the Code online
  • Math - look at patterns and practice counting to 20

Hope everyone has a great week....see you on Friday!!!

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