Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Materials we are using for 2013-2014 school year....

Welcome to the start of our 2013-2014 school year......Here's a list of the materials that we will be using.

Joey's materials:
  • Science - He will be starting the year using A Beka Science.  He seems to really be doing well with this program
  • Grammar - Easy Grammar and Rod & Staff
  • Math - A+ Tutorsoft and supplement with money worksheets
  • History - Continue studying various time periods in history with Adventure Club.  This summer, when there is no Adventure Club he'll be learning about 20th Century History.  We'll be using various library books, Heritage Studies for Christian schools (a 5th grade history book I found at a local bookstore for 2.00 with great explanations for Joey to understand) and the Dover coloring books to make our way through the 20th Century.  Joey is also working on learning a little about all the Presidents.  I am not requiring him to obviously remember everything...but I was surprised what he has remembered so far :)
  •  4-H curriculum for various subjects and special interest projects
  • Spelling - He'll just be using a typical spelling list for this and will be typing the words
  • Joey will continue to learn how to read cursive.
  • Health - A Beka Health
  • Music - will continue guitar lessons
  • Geography - State and world....using World Travelers Club as a basis for the World.  No real curriculum.  We use library books and DVDs for this.

Brayden's materials:

  • Science - The Simple Schooling program
  • Grammar - Easy Grammar and Rod & Staff
  • Math - Math Mammoth
  • History - He is working on American History currently.  He's up to the civil war, and then we will be switching him to a history workbook style that he seems to thoroughly enjoy.   He will work on Geography also this year...both state and world.
  • Spelling - Spectrum workbook
  • Geography - Geography from A to Z book and also World Travelers along with the others
  • Reading Comprehension questions and reading from Book Adventure.com.
  • Health - A Beka Health

Lydia's materials:

  • Math - finishing up Touch Point Math and most likely starting 3rd grade level in that
  • History - A cross of American Girl Club and Story of the World
  • Geography - Geography A to Z book (for landforms) and World Travelers Club for countries
  • Spelling - no set program right now.  We are currently using Moving Beyond the Page spelling and she is liking it (watch for the review).  But always have a back-up for her just in case, that is All About Spelling
  • Science - Still be doing experiments from Hooked on Science.  This summer we have a weekly Science club, and then she'll be using Simple Schooling program like Brayden
  • Phonics/Reading - She is using a cross of Looney Tunes Phonics online and ABeCeDarian reading program.  Typical sight word practice and First level reading books.
  • Music - Still chugging along with the violin.  She starts weekly lessons this week.
  • Grammar - First Language Lessons
  • Health - Vintage Remedies
  • Art - We start art class back up this September, but for the summer we are learning about more artists using Usborne artist books (thanks to the wonderful students and parents of our art class).
  • Handwriting - Draw Write Now and a little bit of cursive thrown in.  

Caty's materials:

  • Phonics - Explore the code both print and online....also the Alphatales books from Scholastic
  • Art - same as Lydia and just plain drawing/painting fun
  • Music - Just fun stuff...no structure yet
  • Health - Vintage remedies
  • History -   Usborne Picture Atlas and Story of the World studies
  • Math - I don't have a set curriculum for her.  I found online items to print and use based off what we just studied with Lydia the last couple years.
  • Science - Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachers, Simple Schooling also.
  • We will be filling in with Easy Peasy for subject areas.

I'm sure we'll have changes along the way.  We have truly been given a wonderful opportunity to continue to use products through the Schoolhouse Review Crew.  Keep watching what we have in store for this next school year!!!

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