Friday, July 12, 2013

Help for the Desperate Mom

Have you ever just felt so overwhelmed?  So overwhelmed that your poor brain just felt like if it took one more sound in...any sound...that it would melt and run out your ears?

Yeah, that is how my life has been lately.  I have been trying to keep up a positive attitude, but it's hard.  It's always the small stuff that builds up and becomes overwhelming.  I understand that there are people going through so much more than I am.  They have some serious troubles, whether it be financial or physical problems....but some days that still doesn't help me to try and keep a positive spin on life.

Tuesday for example:

While training, I discovered that I cannot jog on pavement.  It hurts me way too much.  I thought I was working my way back into shape.  Only to discover that my treadmill has been making the workout way too easy for me.  I felt overwhelmed and wanting to cry because I know I cannot "run" in the 5K I signed up for at the end of the month.

I messed up one of Joey's judging times.  Well it's not easy to get him to leave and do the things that he needs too.  So that was like being smacked.

That morning I had already forgotten Lydia's schoolwork that she was to be finishing.  She had to go with us that morning.  I wasn't planning on her tagging along.  So she kind of threw a wrench in my plans.  So I had two strikes going against me.

Then the pharmacists threw another wrench at me.  One of the kids scripts wouldn't fill without prior authorization...go figure.  So that is more time on the phone for me to keep following up.

I bring Joey back for his second judging and the judge was an hour behind.  But they told me, she was just a bit behind.  So we sat there waiting over 2 hours.  Another challenge to keep Joey happy and not upset.  My mom and Lydia were outside in the heat, running my van.  Yep two hours of my vehicle just idling there.

By the time I got home, Brayden and Caty has created little messes everywhere with snacks and food.  The little messes created one huge mess.  So I had to clean up all the little messes which cut into dinner making time.

I had blog posts and other computer commitments to finish up and grading to do.

Then I suddenly remembered while cleaning that the girls had their 4H Cloverbud Swim party that night.  So I quickly had to make some brownie...ugh.  And that on top of dinner.  Oh and I had to figure out how to get all the work I was putting off done, since I had to leave and take the girls somewhere for a couple hours.

Yeah.....the list could keep going.  And it is all trivial stuff.  But put together, my head felt like I was experiencing Brain melt all day.  Wednesday did not get much better, and today has been a real challenge because I still haven't recovered from Tuesday and Wednesday.

What to do when experiencing such burnout....?  Mom burnout???  I keep getting told to take a breathier, but that is a little hard with our kids.  I tried to exercise last night, and instead of working out with me, they all laid by my feet (in my way) watching.  So much for that breathier.  Well I just started reading Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe :

So far I have read the intro, and I so feel like this mom.  You know those days where it's hard to get out of bed, just knowing exactly what life is going to be like.  Knowing what is going to happen....ugh.  Join me every Wednesday as I make my way through this book.  I'll be linking up with other homeschool moms in a Blog Hop as we learn that we really are not and do not need to be Supermoms. Our kids already feel like we are Super.

Linking up with other Moms at The Crafty Mom, as we make our way through this wonderful book.

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  1. Great post!! Sorry I missed this week. My mom ended up in the hospital. :( Look for it again next week with chapter 1!