Sunday, July 14, 2013

Our weekly accomplishments...Week 7

What a busy...busy....busy week!  I felt like I was passing myself where ever I went.  I actually felt bad for our kids as they were drug from place to place or forced to wait forever somewhere.  The hardest thing though for me was trying to fit school in.  That was a true challenge.

I had Lydia testing to see whether she was on grade level.  We were using a sample Test booklet, because I already had her assessed by a teacher.  This was just for me.   She did really well.  And shockingly, her strongest subject was her weakest one last week.  Go figure.

Caty and I read about Forests and also learned more about the Letter A.  I officially have started her on Easy Peasy (All in One Homeschool)....Getting Ready 1.  We read Pete the Cat constantly last week.  She loves Pete, and goes around singing him.  After Storytime on Thursday she went around singing the songs.  That is a big deal for her.  I love it!!  She is definitely remembering what she is learning.  We go with the flow the best we can with her.  She also really liked reading the Gruffalo this week to go along with our forest unit.

Joey started his first week of Easy Peasy (All in One Homeschool).  It was a rough week because of his 4H judging and all the running mom had to do.  He is definitely not a lover of poetry.  So getting hit with Henry Wadsworth Longfellow has not been a favorite for him, but he seems to be doing well with this program.  I am so proud that he kept up his Bible study all week!!!  Since he did that and Dad was relieved from work this afternoon, he got a special treat of going to see a movie with Dad.

Brayden eeked by in his existence as far as schoolwork.  In the past week, we have managed to get him out to ride his bike twice!!!  Yeah!!!  He felt it where it hurt though when we took away his video game until he finished all his work.  I adjusted him to a more worksheet style approach this week.  He seems to thrive on worksheets, so that is what I will have in his workbox.

Joey had his 4H judging.  I am so happy that he made it to his first one, because the 2nd day he was not feeling well.  So he has a make up judging this Thursday with his advisor.  He worked hard on his First Aid project too, so I was a little more upset than he was that he missed judging.

Pictures from our week....

Joey working on the back deck listening to his History on Easy Peasy.

 Caty working on highlighting all the letter A's.
 Realizing that our sandpaper letters made great crayon rubbings.
 She was so proud that she was able to copy the dragonfly picture in the book.
 Some of mine and Caty's reading materials.
 Joey "A" ribbon for his Snack attack project.
 Lydia's Cloverbud group had their family swimming party this week.  The girls loved the cookies Judy made.
 We buy our goat cheese from a local farmer.  He's so nice.  He let's Lydia go in and play with the goats while we are there.
 Caty likes the goats, but not sure if she loves
 Joey's artwork for class this week.
 We had a nasty storm Wednesday that took out power.  This was actually before the hard part of the storm hit.
 After effects....I thought our house might float away.  This is along the garage.  The driveway was totally under water at one point.  The mulch along my driveway floated into the center of the drive.
 Playing in the water after the storm.
 Joey had golf this week.  He really enjoyed it.
 I used chicken to make a gyro salad.  We bought goat's milk Feta that day.  Oh was this super yummy!!!
 Coloring our Letter A puppet in the doctor's office while waiting to check and make sure Caty's lungs were clear.
 At our friends fundraiser Friday, Caty had a blast at the Carnival they planned!
 Enjoying nachos that Mommy doesn't usually have.
 Face painting.
 Running the bowling game for Mommy
And I realize, that yet again, Brayden has eluded the camera.  I have to make it a point to sneak a few pictures of him next week.

Hope everyone had a great week last week, and I look forward to reading about everyone's weeks.

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