Monday, July 15, 2013

What we are up to this week......8 weeks into the School Year

Can you believe it's already 8 weeks into our school year?   I mean come on.....time is flying already.

Lydia, Caty and I are heading to Columbus tomorrow to run an errand for our Troop, and since we are going we will be visiting the Columbus Zoo.  We are so excited.  Joey is wanting to get back out to the driving range, and with Grandma's Physical therapy appointments we will be able to get there.  We have Science Club this week, and very excited.  And We also have Pistol shoot this weekend.

Joey will be continuing using All in One Homeschool.  He's not looking forward to another week of poetry.  I don't think that he doesn't like it, because it is short for him to read.  It's the trying to understand it that is more difficult for him.  Science will continue animal classification.  In his Bible reading, he will continue reading the Book of Mark.  History he will continue reading about early explorers.  In Grammar, he'll be working on writing a poem with rhymes.

Brayden will be starting a new History study, I will let you know more about this during our wrap-up this weekend.  Not sure how he's going to like it.  Also added a new Geography workbook for him.  His Bible study will be learning more about why Jesus is such a great teacher.  He will work on division with remainders in Math.  He found a book at the library, and I'm hoping he likes it.  It's based on the new movie Planes.  In Health, still learning about the Human Body and Science is the Solar System.

Lydia is also starting Easy Peasy this week.  We are reading the Tale of Jolly Robin.  She is learning about Native Americans in History.  Science is Living vs non-Living.  Handwriting will be cursive Letter E & F.  She is also doing regular spelling to help her with site words.

Caty is working on the Letter B.  And we are reading about various bugs, including the ladybug, crickets, and caterpillars.  She is doing just regular number recognition for math.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!  See you again on Friday :)

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