Sunday, July 28, 2013

Our Favorite Homeschool Supplies.....

As I am trying to clear the shelves, I am finding myself checking out what materials the kids are really using.  Here are a few of the kids favorite "fun" know those things they don't need, but makes schoolwork that much more fun.

Caty would do all her school work in smelly markers if she could.  She absolutely loves them.  And the coloring takes on scent, so instead of the brown marker she asks for the chocolate one.  It is so funny.  But since I bought her scented markers, she actually doesn't complain as much about drawing and coloring on her schoolwork.  (She is not a big coloring fan.)  I also let her practice writing her alphabet with them.  Hey....whatever works.  I am not the Writing Instrument Police...

Mr. Sketch Washable Water Color Markers, 12 Colored Markers(19072)

Who doesn't love fun pencils?!?!  The girls love getting the pretty pencils, character pencils, and even touristy pencils when we travel.  Lydia and Caty even earned mood pencils from the reading program at the public library.  But these are some of their favorite.  They are a pricey in my book, but the girls love them as a treat every so often.

Educational Insights Smencils Colored Pencils 10-pack

These pencils are wonderful!!!  Caty has trouble gripping and so I originally bought them for her.  But Lydia loved using those so much that I bought her a set too.  

Prang Large Triangular Colored Pencil Set, 5.5 Millimeter Cores, with Sharpener, Set of 12, Assorted Colors (25120)

And some other fun supplies that the girls use.....

Caty loves her My Little Pony Folders.....(Walmart, $1.00 a piece)

Lydia found this folder at Walmart and fell in love.  It was around $5.00 there.  We use it for her daily work.  I keep everything together in there from her daily work.

The girls are not huge fans of sharing their supplies, and sometimes I am inclined to agree.  Lydia has special drawing pencils and the boys are not the greatest at taking care of supplies.  So we have community drawers of supplies in our school room area and then the girls each keep their supplies in an insulated lunch sack.  Now Caty's doesn't have a great handle on it, because it was an old lunch box she used at preschool a couple years ago.  I am looking for a new one for her, but Lydia's I found at a yard sale for $1.00.  And she loves it.  It's like this one....

BUILT Gourmet Getaway Lunch Tote

This makes grabbing supplies when we are on the go wonderful.  I grab a couple books they can do independently in the van and their supply bag.  And we are out the door.

Everyone have a great week!!!!  Have fun with school :)

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