Monday, July 29, 2013

What we are up to this week....

It's a mild week for us.  Mom has a lot of physical therapy.  Lydia has violin and piano lessons.  Joey has golf, I think this week.  Joe and I start our fitness challenge, can't wait for that.  We are seeking a piano teacher for Caty now.  She has decided that she wants to learn piano.

Our biggest adventure this week will be going to see....

The girls are soooo excited!!!

Anyway on the school front, not as exciting....

Joey will be switching to his Bible reading to Hebrews this week.  In Science he will be reading/learning about food chains.  History involves the Pilgrims coming to America.   Compound words and sentence structure is the lessons for Grammar.  I'm switching up some of the poetry for Shel Silverstein.  The older stuff is starting to bug him.  In Math, he will be working on double digit addition and subtraction and learning about borrowing and regrouping.  Just something he hasn't caught on to yet without the use of a calculator.

Brayden is working on the American Revolution in history and reading the maps from Early America in Geography.  In Math, he will be starting to use Khan Academy.  I have him working on double digit addition with regrouping and double digit subtraction with borrowing.  In Health he will be finishing the human body unit.  In Science, he chose to learn about oceans.  Still working on his reading in the Planes book from the new Disney movie.  In Grammar, it will be homophones this week.

Lydia will be learning the Cursive G.  We will be continuing our reading of the Adventures of Jolly Robin.  In math she will also be working on number words, mostly review, but some are harder for her and cardinal numbers  In Science we are working ont he Digestive system.  In Music, it is percussion instruments.  More computer lessons this week on basic usage.  For these I am simply following Easy Peasy and letting it be refresher.  We'll be finished with this section really  This is our first week of reading classics for comprehension activities.  And of course, she will be continuing with Reading Kingdom.  For our geography, we are using the Old book, Home Geography for Primary Grades, this week is using stars to show direction and how to use the compass to show direction.  This is a great book to build map skills on.  You can buy the book or download for free on a Kindle app.

Caty will be working on the Letter D this week.  In Science we are working on What a Scientist is.  Some of the stories we'll be reading, Princess and the Pea, My Shadow, and The Shape of me and other stuff.  In Math we'll be working on

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!!  See you this weekend!

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