Friday, July 19, 2013

Our Weekly Accomplishments and Mom's Thoughts - Week 8

In my life this week....

There has been a lot of running.  The girls and I went to Columbus on Monday to deliver State Fair projects.  It was a couple hour drive, so we decided to make a day of it.  We went to the Columbus Zoo, we invited some other friends to come along too.  It was a nice trip even though it was really...REALLY hot!  We can't wait to go back to the zoo!!!

My mom has a lot of physical therapy right now for her leg, so we have been scheduling life around those 3 appointments a week.

On Tuesday, Lydia and I helped direct traffic for the Marathon Classic golf tournament in Toledo.  Special Olympics of Henry County was paid for the hours that we were there.  It was an easy way for the county to get money, so there were several from the four county area that have been helping in various positions including selling concessions.

I have been stepping up my exercise routine.  In fact, this morning is the first morning I didn't go out and walk.  I will have to suffer later.  I need to take Caty over and have her checked at the doctor.  Her breathing is getting worse than better.  Every year her allergies cause breathing issues.  When she was younger, she had croup a couple times a year.  Last year was the first year she didn't have croup, but she had several nights of breathing issues.  It's the middle of July and now this is just presenting itself this year.  Last week the doctor told me she would be better in a few days, well it has been a week and it's getting worse.

We have adopted 3 more baby kittens found roaming the neighborhood.  So we have 3 kittens about 4 weeks old, 3 kittens that are about 2-3 months old a piece, on top of our regular 4 cats.  Needless to say we are working on finding homes for the smaller ones.  But want them to stay with us a couple more weeks.

Caty and Lydia also had a tea party with our neighbor.  They LOVE Nancy!  We had planned a tea party/teddy bear picnic last week, but we had a nasty storm that took out power.  So we rescheduled it for this week.  It was so fun!!

We used goat cheese (Chevre) to make cucumber sandwiches.  I ate just the chevre (mixed with dill) and cucumbers.  These were really yummy.

We also had Science club this week.  Everyone brought experiments.  This was sooooo fun, we must do it again.
 Fizzy balloons
 Polymer beads
 More polymer with instant snow....It was cool as we sprinkled it to watch it start to gel...and then start turning white.
There was about 100 degree heat index....and this would've been better

In our homeschool this week.....

I have 3 kiddos that are now using Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool.  Joey is using it exclusively, Lydia and Caty are using various parts.  Lydia is using Notgrass for History, and I may have to sub out the Art too or raise her a level....because her grade level art she has already studied.  Lydia is also not using their phonics exclusively, she is also using Reading Kingdom which she is really liking right now.  (Watch for the upcoming review).  Caty I am supplementing with various materials to help her with her alphabet.  She is really liking it.

Brayden has been a challenge.  He doesn't want to work at grade level.  He wants the easy way out....a typical almost teenage boy in this

Schoolwork this week has been a struggle.  Joey has done almost 100% of his work independently.  I will post how he is working on Easy Peasy this way.  But with all the running, finding time to sit down has been very difficult.  We have been doing schoolwork in the evenings, and even did some this past Sunday to make up for being gone all day Monday.  The kids seems to be doing well with this Non-traditional school time.  It may make things alot easier for me.  But I need to get some freezer meals made so that I don't have to worry about working with the kids while I need to be making dinner.

What I am reading.....

Follow my weekly posts as I make my way through this book.  It is really a great title.  I am reading it with a whole group of other homeschool moms.

What I am cooking.....

I made a grainless stirfry yesterday that was really yummy.  Made a new salad for us.  I mixed diced cucumbers, tomatoes, and chevre to make this cucumber salad and I served it with baked ribs.  I liked it better than the ribs.

Tonight I am making grainless Jambalaya.  Can't wait!!

Other things from our week....

I took Joey and Lydia to the driving range during one of Grandma's therapy sessions.  It's just down the street.  Again, it was HOT!  But it was fun.  Both the kids had almost 50 yard shots and I had a few 75 yard shots.  So we are working our way up in distance :)

Projects I am working on......

Well I need to start doing some painting and rearranging.  Not sure how to get it all in right now.  So in the early planning stages.  All of it is in the house.  So going to look at each room.  

The garage is clean, but now must work on the basement.  It is a storage mess!!!

My favorite thing this week....

Probably taking the girls to the zoo.  It was sooooo fun!!!  I can't wait to go back with everyone.  We are going with Daddy and the boys next month!!

 The girls first site of a Manatee.  And no I did not zoom in on this shot.  We were really that close with the tank set up.  It was soooooo cool to see them eat their lettuce!!!
 Lydia with our friends who came (minus their

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Hope everyone had wonderful and Cool weeks!!!  See everyone next week!!!

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