Monday, July 22, 2013

What we are up to this week....

Another busy...busy week.  Grandma has physical therapy three times this week.  Joey has med check and Brayden has a physical.  The girls have a pool party they were invited too.  We are going to the zoo with Daddy on Wednesday.  And I am running in my first 5K this Saturday morning.  Still cramming in our schoolwork though :)

He is officially starting his 3rd week of Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool.  This week he will continue his study of invertebrates and endangered animals.  Working on basic math skills too.  He's working on similes in writing/reading.  Complimentary colors in Art.  Explorers in History.

He is learning about the American Revolution.  It's a repeat from fall, but I hate skipping over this section in his History book.  He is continuing to learn division in Math and seeing about a remainder.  Geography is reading physical maps.  He is still reading the Planes book from the new movie.

He is balking some about reading a chapter book, but I assign just a chapter a day.  He's making it through, and I hear him laughing while he is reading.  In Science he is still making his way through the Space unit in The Simple Homeschool.  And in Health he is learning about the body using the Simple Homeschool videos.

She is working on cursive F's this week.  This is Lydia's second week using Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool.  It said to gauge starting level as, Level 1 being Second Grade.  Level 2, Third Grade, and so forth.  So she is working on Level 1.  In Science we are reading about muscles and bones.  We are reading the story, A Tale of Jolly Robin.  We also started a classic book for all these apps.  We started it today and it's very really a nice book.  Simple and short lessons.

We are making our way through our McGuffey Primer, and working on long vowel sounds.  She is making good progress in her Reading Kingdom program.  And she worked on a complimentary colors art project today.  In History we will continue our study of Native Americans of America.

Miss Punky is working on the Letter C.  She is using Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool also.  She is Getting Ready Level 1.  She loves....loves....LOVES our Alphabet Puppet book, which I do in place of another coloring sheet they have down.

In Math we are just working on counting.  And in Science we are working on animal habitats.  This week we are reading about deserts and oceans.  Oh and she is playing on PBS Kids and More Starfall this week.  She loves the music and games on these right now.

Well that is how our week is scheduled with schoolwork.  See you all Saturday in our Weekly Accomplishments post.

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