Friday, July 26, 2013

S is for Silly Willy

Blogging Through the Alphabet

Ok....I am having a tough time with S.  I am sure there are so many things I could be writing about.  Segways, splinters, sweaty runs, spiral lollipops, but instead I am going to post about our very own Silly Willy.  You know the girl that keeps us guessing 24X7.......I never know what she is going to do or say.

These are just from the past two weeks, and the ones I have caught on the camera.

Hey Mom....I'm a walrus!!!
 What do you mean my unicorn is gone, I can't see it anymore.
 There are some more mashed potatoes in the kettle....I'm eating them right now.
Look into my eyes....and you will see....what you mean to me......(Think Bryan Adams).
I'm Chompers.....
 I am ready for Blueberry picking.  Watch out mosquitoes!!!
Let's get some corn in the rain....oh wait, there's no rain.  But I still need the umbrella.
 The candy is yucky...but the frosting is so yummy.
So meet our Silly Willy Caty...and let me say someday you will see her headlining a comedy act somewhere.  And if you are not familiar with the Silly Willy book...check this one out for a great read with your kiddos.  It has been one of our favorites since Joey was 4.

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