Friday, July 26, 2013

Our weekly Accomplishments - Week 9

In my life this week.....

Yeah, feeling overwhelmed.  Been out doing stuff everyday, and still trying to accomplish schoolwork.  My to-do list is longer than I can handle right now.  I really want to cry every time I look at it.  Joe was able to take a day off this week, so we took the kids to the zoo and the local Science Museum.  It was fun and busy.  It was a nice day...beautiful weather.

Feeling a bit stressed about the 5K that I am participating in Saturday.   I feel like I am in better shape, but still don't have the lung strength to jog the entire 3.1 miles.  My fibro causes my chest muscles to swell, which cause chest pain and shortness of breath...since it hurts to take too deep of a breath.  When I am running and trying to inhale, it doesn't work.

Next Thursday, Joe and I start a 60 day fitness challenge at a local fitness club.  Never done one of these before, but looking forward to going some place with weights.  I have a treadmill and elliptical here.  I just don't have weight equipment.  So I am pretty excited!

In our homeschool this week.....

Caty did really well and we finished all her schoolwork.  She and I studied about animal habitats and where animals live.  Worked on the Letter C and counted to 10 several times.  She decided to finally take off and try 20.  She made it to 18 before she got tongue tied.  She has been playing on More Starfall this week, and  She really likes the Daniel Tiger game.

Lydia also did really well.  We continued our study of Native Americans of Early America.  She has mastered even/odd numbers, (yeah a review of the basics right now).  In Science we continued the study of our human bodies.  This week was the skeletal system and various bones.  She started online piano lessons today, and really liked it.  Even Caty is now asking for piano lessons.  Is piano and violin lessons too much for an 8 year old?

Joey is doing great with Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool.  This week he started learning a little more about endangered animals.  He wants to adjust his reading, which is fine.  He is definitely not enjoying the poetry, but he seems to be getting the meaning of it.  Khan Academy is working on well right now for him for math.  So far, I am very happy that I switched him to this program.

Brayden finished up his study of Space, and continued his study of our bodies.  In Grammar he worked on Compound words.  In History he is learning more about the American Revolution, so we pulled out Liberty Kids again.  I told him I would cry for him, since he gets to watch TV for History class.  He is still working his way through the Disney Planes Junior Novel.  He is driving me crazy about reading for fun.  But I know...he's a boy.

Places we're going and people we're seeing.....

We went to the zoo and Imagination Station.  For some reason, I felt like we were living at Walmart.  I was expecting to see Forney and little Baby Ruth (I know someone out there will get this reference to Where the Heart Is....).  We went to a congregation get together that a friend from our Kingdom Hall threw on Sunday.  It was nice to get out and talk to people.

Questions to ask......

Anyone out there use Evernote in their homeschool?  I am looking at trying it with Joey to help him organize and work independently on his studies.  Any success or unsuccessful stories would be appreciated!

I'm reading.....

Still reading the same's really good.  But all my time is either reading this book, doing read alouds with the girls and doing my Bible Study.  I have almost given up fiction this summer.

I'm cooking.....

I made chili mac, which I know is not grain free since I use brown rice pasta, but I still indulged and ate some anyway.  The kids really liked it.  A couple salads this week too.  Nothing major, although I did make jambalaya the other day that was pretty tasty.  Although I forgot how much I really don't like okra.  I made coconut flour chicken nuggets last night that need a little work.  I followed a recipe, but didn't really like the outcome.  But I also didn't use the almond milk.  So I guess I will be trying that again soon.  Making roast today, and paleo stuffed peppers tomorrow.  I am really trying the limited grains option right now.  I still succumb to brown/rice flour....but limiting it.  I found some sites that showed how a stricter paleo diet really can help with fibromyalgia.  So I am going to try and see if this helps.  It's the giving up of my white potatoes that is getting me.

Things I am working on.....

Yeah, the same stuff as always, cleaning, decluttering, cleaning....and more cleaning.  We got the garage basically tackled.  Now we need to start the basement.  Joe took a week off in a couple weeks, so I see painting and cleaning in our future!!!

A few photos from our week......

Apparently History class was just too much for Mittens.
 Brownie crawled in a box and was playing by hanging over the side and batting at a ball.  I walked out to finish putting away the groceries and found her asleep.
 Walrus Caty
 Face painting at a congregation party with friends.

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