Sunday, August 4, 2013

Homeschool Mothers Journal - Week 10

In my life this week....

It's been a busy week.  Joe and I started a fitness program.  There was lots and lots of errands, therapy appointments, and just plain running around.  Most days I still don't know why.  I feel very overwhelmed each morning when I wake up.  The final fair projects will be done soon though, for our county fair, so one less thing off my plate.

Joe and I are working hard at getting fit.  The lady I weighed in with said that I shouldn't lose more than 20 pounds, and to just work on toning.  I am concentrating on my hips and know like most women.  She said I was very healthy, but needed to up my calcium and protein and water intake.  So concentrating on those things.

I took the girls and their cousin and her friend to see Big Time Rush at the zoo.  They were so starstruck!!!  They were able to meet the opening acts Jackson Guthy and Olivia Sumerlyn also.  It was a long and loud evening.  But so worth the looks on their faces!!!

We also went to Joe's sportsman club family picnic.  Lydia shot her first shotgun.  She liked doing it, but said she really enjoys pistol better.  The gun is lighter and less kick.  I tried my hand at 5-stand skeet, and declared it as a winner over my endurance.  I backed out and let Joe finish my round.  I couldn't handle the shotgun that long.  Too heavy.  Think I may stick to pistol competition.

In our homeschool this week....

Ugh.....Brayden.....ugh.....Brayden......yeah, not much else to say.  He took advantage of my constant busyiness to get out of his schoolwork.  He finished about as little as he could.  Yeah, not a happy mommy!!

Lydia did great.....Joey did awesome also.  Both are using All in One Homeschool as their primary plans, with supplemental for Lydia for reading.

Caty also did all her schoolwork, and she was very proud to tell the others she finished all her work!  It was cute, but I also had to remind her that her work is don't make the others feel bad.

What I have been cooking.....

I started using quinoa again at the recommendation of the nutritionist.  I was glad she didn't shove a bunch of info down my throat, and respected what I laid out as my current nutrition plan.  She said she was impressed, and just suggested the quinoa to help with my protein.

Caty and I are working on a nut-egg-dairy-wheat-free chocolate chip cookie for her county fair project. I think we may have hit it on the nose.  Joe ate some....which is unheard of...and he said they were good.  I used sunflower seed flour instead of almond flour.  Very simple ingredient list and they were tasty.

We ate lots of fruit and salad this week.  I have to keep reminding Joe, that he needs to cut back on snacking.  So I have been watching what snacks are in the house.

What I have been reading.....

I also have been trying to stay up on my Bible reading daily.

A few pics from our week...

Since last week, I finished my first 5K.  No I didn't run the whole thing.  I am working on that.

 I made fried green tomatoes with coconut flour.
 Took the girls to a duct tape event at a local Learning Express.  They had fun....Lydia is working with grandma.
Caty is working on a duct tape flower on a pen.
 Lydia's finished bracelet.
I made zucchini noodles for my homemade spaghetti sauce.  I topped it with goat cheese chevre.  It was very yummy!!!
 A veggie stir-fry with mock rice (cauliflower)
 We watched Liberty Kids....alot this week.
Caty watching a video player from our library about scientists.  She is working on her Letter D Alphabet puppet.
 Lydia working on her schoolwork.  She is trying so hard!!  Very proud of her efforts.
 Caty and I van schooled one day while Lydia was in violin.  She is making a Letter D dog.
 Watching a video while holding one of her many cats.
 After a terrible shoe flop at the 5K...I bought new kicks for myself.  They are super comfortable and have memory foam in them.  I love working on in these.
 Lydia is working on a County Fair project.  She is painting with melted crayon.  I melt the crayons in cans.  She recreated...Starry Night.

 A quinoa stir-fry.  It has green tomatoes, green peppers, carrots, red tomatoes, ginger and cayenne pepper in it.  Most of the veggies came from our garden.
 Joey finished his posters for the 4H booth display.  He made a poster on choking for his First Aid project.
Another Lydia project.  She and I worked on a strawberry jam recipe using chia seeds instead of fruit pectin.  It is very yummy!!!

 Joey's finished projects...yeah, sorry for the upside down shot.  Couldn't seem to fix it!

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  1. Lots of neat things! Isn't it cool all the crafty things that can be done with duct tape? Love the recreation of "Starry Night" - very well done.