Sunday, August 11, 2013

Homeschooling Mothers Journal - Week 10

In my life this week......

I felt like I was always running.  It was constant.... I need to do this, I need to do that!  Did I get it all done....nope.  Can you tell some things....yep.  Do I have a million projects to go....yep.  

I messed up what week of school we are was Week 10, not Week 11.

Joe and I finished our first week in our fitness challenge and I did well.  Lowered my metabolic age from 26 to 22.  Upped my muscle mass, water levels, and only lost 1/2 pound, because I upped my muscle mass.  I wasn't in it for the weight loss, but getting more tone in my abdominal and thigh area.  I did hurt myself running Thursday, so no running for at least a week.  So I started biking yesterday to make up for the lack of running and to keep my muscles from losing some of the momentum I have been gaining.

I took my first zumba class and I LOVE it.  Too bad I can't go this week, but prior commitments keep me from going.  Can't wait to go back though!!

Lydia and Caty had a ton of projects they entered in the county fair, so my last week has been alot of making sure they finished and delivering them.  And then we spent several hours watching judging for them.  I am so proud of their work!!!  Several ribbons for both of them!!

In our homeschool this week.....

The girls finished their work.  Joey almost finished all he was assigned.  I sort of failed in the Brayden department because I wasn't home on Friday and so he decided to not finish his work.  He started Time 4 Learning this week (watch for the upcoming review), and told he me liked it.  But he is also one that will not work independently on his work.  I have to stay on top of him.  I am proud of Joey though!!  He did great.

I have to say, one of my greatest finds has been All In One Homeschool (Easy Peasy).  It has made my planning super easy.  I have 3 kids using this program now.  It is working out very well for us!!  I highly recommend it.

In our kitchen.....

Lydia and I canned Strawberry Chia seed Jam.....oh man is it yummy!!!  Caty and I made several batches of gluten free/allergen friendly chocolate chip cookies.  I also tried making homemade coconut milk.  LOVE IT!!!  And none of the extra junk like you get in the canned.  I am enjoying it in my coffee even.  Lots of stir-fry and ground turkey...extra fresh spinach thrown in.  Lots of quinoa, since they told me my protein levels seems low.  We also got a water cooler from the local Culligan place because we finally have gotten the kids on board with drinking water!!  Yeah!!  The bottle water bill was killing me buying individual bottles and the recycle bin was loaded.  It is cheaper for me to have this than buying the individual bottles.

What I am reading.....

No fiction...that is for sure :(  But Lydia and I will be starting some classics together.  We are debating about Heidi or Anne of Green Gables.  Any opinions which to start first?

My kiddos favorite thing.....

The girls had fun getting ribbons at the fair.  Joey thought it was cool seeing his 4H projects on display.  And of course there is the fair food.  We are pretty strict about fair "fun".  We don't allow them to ride all the amusement rides or play the games constantly.  Those can quickly drain the budget.  We have been there 2 days already and no one has rode any amusement rides.  I will let them maybe tomorrow, not sure yet.  We also allow 1 fair "food" treat.  We try to encourage them to choose from local food stands so the money stays in our county. elephant ears yet from any of will have to break down today and let the kids give them some money.  But they are really enjoying seeing all the animals, and Lydia is trying to convince Joe that we need ducks and a rabbit.

Our week in Photos.....

 Our week started out with a Family Picnic with our 4H Club.  It was fun.  This is Lydia's 2nd year in Cloverbuds.  She has so much fun at the meetings.
We had typical schoolwork....Caty worked on coloring in the  We are learning our color songs right now.
She worked on shapes.
Here's Joey doing his Easy Peasy on my desk.  He was having a rough morning, so I let him hide in mine and Joe's office.
Brownie kept trying to catch Lydia's pen while we worked on her Reading Comprehension quiz.
Lydia made cupcakes for her Fair project.  My counters always look dirty...but I swear those are all clean
Here's her finished product.  They didn't place, there was a lot of competition in this area!!
She did a version of Starry Night out of yarn and ribbon.
The middle picture is Lydia's stained glass marker drawing.
 Lydia's bead sun catcher.
 Her first place for Starry Night Painted with melted crayons.
Lydia with her Strawberry Chia seed Jam....1st place and Best of Show.
Caty's Suncatcher...4rd place.
Lydia's Cloverbud Club Project.
 Joey's First Aid project.
 The poster for his First Aid Project....He did it on choking.
Joey's Snack Attack poster project.
Third Place on her Animal Scrapbook page.
First Place on her Flower photograph (in the upper corner)
 Caty and her Honorable Mention for her Allergen friendly chocolate chip cookie (made with bananas and coconut flour)
 We finished the week off by having friends over and watching movies in our backyard.  We set up a little snack stand and served movie theater snacks.  It was fun!!!
Hope everyone had a great week!!!  Linking up with other Homeschool Families at So You Call Yourself a Homeschooler!

See everyone next week!!!

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