Sunday, August 25, 2013

Our week in Review - Week 12

We had a weird...weird week.  Things seemed to be going well, even with the normal chaos.  There were doctor appointments, workout sessions, World geography meals, and just other weirdness.  But then I got hurt Thursday afternoon and the day just sunk down and Friday got worse...and Saturday was a blur.

I am healing now.  My finger was cut open by our electric hedge clippers.  It was a freak accident.  But my left index finger is out of commission for about 10 days with stitches.  It's making typing a challenge.  The tetanus shot was a whole other story.  Between the trauma and then the shot, I had a massive fibro pain attack....which lead to me not leaving the couch after I almost passed out from all the pain.  ( pain meds because of my allergies..ugh).  I can move the arm the shot was in...took a couple days and lots of essential oils.  But the actual injury site is an issue to get healed now.

All in all we did have a good week.  There were a few stray assignments we finished up over the weekend.  This was my first week testing the kids with a full 5 day workweek.  Because it was summer, we have been working at 4 day.  I allowed them all week to finish the 4 days assignments though.  So I really think the kids did well.  Even Brayden finished up most of his work this week!!!

This week Lydia started learning about Ancient China.  In Math she continued working on addition facts.  We started the first Samantha American Girl book, made it to Chapter 5.  She actually started her own project of hand sewing a pillow for her doll.  She is suddenly into sewing.

But I did start her a little simpler earlier in the week by using drawer liner to make an easy to do "sampler".  She was able to use yarn and a heavy duty, non-pointed needle to try and do her own sampler...

She designed her own pattern 

and then worked at "sewing" it.

The girls and I went to the farmers market to get some yummy veggies.

Caty worked on the Letter G this week and we started Learning the Continent song.

 This was was her art coloring pages this week.

The girls and I also started learning about Costa Rica for our first upcoming World Travelers Club meeting.  They both picked their projects and Lydia made dinner for us Costa Rican style....with help she made....

fried plantain chips

Stewed chicken with black beans and rice....everything was from scratch.
 We ordered parchment paper banana leaves to eat on...

 It was very yummy!!!  Lydia loves this part of International studies!!!
The girls took a pottery class and made owl bowls.  We get to go back in two weeks to paint them!!

I think Brayden is enjoying using Time 4 Learning.  He still fights about schoolwork, but this week he did work independently on several of his assigned tasks!!  I was very proud of him!!

Joey worked really hard too.  He is still using All in One Homeschool.  Each week I type up his daily assignments and send each individual day in separate emails.  He works through each days assignments.  I change up some a bit, such as he is reading Boxcar Children right now instead of doing poetry.  He was really struggling, and I needed to change that up.  In math, he is working on wants and needs.  I have been creating a Consumer Math unit for him the next few weeks. 

Joey and Lydia also took a class at the County Extension Office about stretching your food dollar.  Turns out we have already been doing the majority of the suggestions.  We need to work harder on impulse buying at the grocery store.  Or trying to plan our meat meals around sales.  But I think we may just start visiting a local meat market and buy 1/4 of a cow.  That will make meat cheaper than watching for sales.  Take some shopping time out for me too.  But will include Joey on figuring those prices too.

I hope everyone had a great week!!!

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