Monday, August 26, 2013

What we are up to This week - Week 13

We have a borderline quiet week......I don't want to say that too loud though!

Joey will have guitar, but no sports have started back up yet.  The girls and I are going on a field trip to a local "hidden gem" museum to view a traveling Smithsonian exhibit on the American Automobile.  It will go along with our American Girl Samantha reading.  I have a doctor appointment to check my hand.....and that is it, except for my mom's physical therapy!!  Whoohoo!!!

This week....

Joey will reviewing borrowing in subtraction, along with consumer math.  Science he will be reading about amphibians.  History is the American colonies growing after the Pilgrim's colony.  He will continue reading the first Boxcar children book, including using the comprehension question guide.  Grammar he will practice adjectives.  

Brayden is into reading Spongebob as long as he's reading!  In Math he will start estimation.  Science, the differences in chemical and physical changes in matter.  History, he'll be reading about life in the early English colonies.  Grammar he will finish a unit on Homophones and learn more about idioms.  He is also working on some vocabulary improvement exercises.

Lydia will continue with Ancient China....terra cotta soldiers and the Great Wall.  We will continue reading the American Girl Samantha book 1 and start book 2.  In Math, she will be starting the same consumer math as Joey.  Science we will continue the parts of the body.  She decided on her projects for Costa Rica, so we will be working on those this week also.  Of course there is also her reading and phonics weekly work.  

Caty is working on the Letter H.  I am Happy, Happy,  She hasn't shown a love of all the little AG club projects yet, so she is just reading Samantha with us.  She chose her Costa Rica project, so we will be working on that.  In Science, seeds and plants.  In math, shapes...a few new ones to work on.  I have a couple art projects on the list too, just in case she feels artsy this week.  I never know with her!

Hope everyone has a great week!!!  See you at the Weekly wrap up!

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