Monday, August 12, 2013

What we are up to this week.....Week 11

Busy week at the fair.  We will be helping with our 4H Club and also helping with Special Olympics.  So lots of running this week.  I thought about giving them the full week off, but decided against it.  Since most of our jobs are in the evening, we will be doing school in the morning and resting in the afternoons.  Since the Schoolhouse Homeschool Expo is next week, I want to make sure that we are working at minimum half schedule for the next two weeks.  But I really think that they will be doing great and finishing their full workloads both weeks!

Joey will be continuing learning about biomes and animal habitats.   He will be building a grassland habitat in his Minecraft server also.  In History he will be finishing his reading of Jamestown.  He doesn't know yet, but I gave him an assignment in Minecraft to spend time after his reading each day to build a fort similar to Jamestown in his Learning server.  In Math he will be working on double digit subtraction and addition practice.  He will have a great Minecraft and schoolwork week.

Brayden will be working on writing large numbers into the hundred millions and comparing larger numbers in Math.  For science he will be finishing his unit on Scientific Investigation.   History will start his study of the English Colonies.  Grammar will be prefixes and in his Language Arts Extension activities, he will be working on Fact vs. Opinion.

Lydia and I will be starting our read aloud of the classic book Heidi.  We have a new story and Spelling words, working on the -am words.  Math will be working on addition problems to 20.  Still working on memorizing them  In History we will be starting our Exploring America section.  Leif Erikson and Columbus are the Explorers her history textbook concentrate on this week.  Science lesson this week is on our circulatory system.  Her fun reading is a book series she found at the library called Kitten in my Pocket....ugh....more cats.

Caty is working on the Letter F.  I have a couple Leap Frog activity books that she is enjoying.  So I am letting her choose what pages she wants to do.  She likes to choose and then get the stickers when she finishes her pages.  In Science we are going to start a section on Plants.  Nursery Rhyme this week...Roses are Red.  Story of the week.....Dog and His Bone.  In her "Geography" this week, we will be looking at the Planet Earth.  Math this week we will be comparing shares and seeing their similarities and differences.

Everyone have a great week!!!  See you Friday!!!

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