Sunday, August 18, 2013

What we are up to this week....Week 12

I am sooooooo excited!!!  The Old Schoolhouse Expo starts this week!!!  Kids still have schoolwork, but I am hoping to veg all afternoon and listen to the wonderful speakers.

Joey was really getting frustrated with the poetry schoolwork, so I have decided to let him off the hook.  He is still using All in One Homeschool...Easy Peasy, but in place of the poetry he will be reading his first Boxcar Children book.  I also have comprehension questions to go with each chapter daily.  In math, he will be starting consumer math.  In Science, he is working on amphibians.  History has him reading about the Pilgrims and their voyage to America.  Grammar is adjective review.

Brayden is working on subtracting whole numbers and estimation.  In Science, it will be states of matter.  History he will be reading about life in the 1750s in America.  He'll also watch some more Liberty Kids.  Grammar, is suffixes and homophones.  I added art this week to his schedule.  Lines will be the art subject this week.

Lydia is going to do a study unit on Costa Rica this week.  Our first World Travelers Club will be in a couple weeks.  We will be making a traditional Costa Rican feast and serve it on parchment paper that look like banana leaves.  We are excited!!  She and I have started reading our American Girl Samantha books for our American Girl Club.  I am going to work with Lydia on writing her own answers in her study guides.  In History, she requested to study Ancient China.  In Science she'll sit in with Caty on her seed unit.  She also wanted to work on writing a story, so I am going to encourage her to write a story also.  In math, she'll be working on consumer math and using a number line.

Caty is working on the Letter G.  In Science she'll be learning about plants and what they need to survive.  We'll be learning our continent song and learning their locations.  We'll be reading some more of Aesop's Fables.  In Math, she'll be practicing her shapes some more.  It's been a week, so we can check how much she remembers.  In Art, she'll be looking at a traditional Japanese piece.  Caty will be sitting in on the unit on Costa Rica also.  They can pick out their projects.

Hope everyone has a great week!!   Hope to see you at The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Expo!!!

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