Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Greene Bark Press Inc. Book Review

You know those absolutely adorable books....that have colorful pictures and lots of rhymes?  The ones that the kids want you ...and I mean WANT you to read over and over again!  We had the privilege of receiving one of these tales from Greene Bark Press, Inc. recently....Look Left, Look Right, Look Left Again ($8.50 for ages 3-8) has become a favorite for Caty.

Greene Bark Press, Inc. is a family owned publishing company that strives to publish colorful, imaginative and original books that are not only fun but also educational for children.  They also sell products from other companies that they feel meet this high standard.

We had the opportunity to read Look Left, Look Right, Look Left Again.  The story of Wally Waddlewater who just wanted to mail a card to his Grandma.  Who knew that there was so much involved?  He sure didn't.  Mama Waddlewater was there to help Wally though and keep him safe.

I found myself cheering for Wally, and Caty was repeating Mama Waddlewater's saying on each page.  I really like that there were many different "troubles" that Wally faced when it come to crossing the street.  It was not just him trying to walk across the street.  There was chasing a bouncing ball, how to read a crosswalk sign, and even a railroad crossing.

The illustrations are bright and cheerful....

Caty continues to enjoy Look Left, Look Right, Look Left Again and it stays on her reading shelf.  I have been able to tie-in street safety with this book.  The little saying is catchy and Caty sings it when we are out and about running errands or just taking a family walk.  She walks around the room waddling like a duck and has even told her grandma how to cross the street correctly.

I really feel that Look Left, Look Right, Look Left Again is a great book for children on the autism spectrum.  The little rhyme is great for them to remember safety when crossing the street.  Caty is on the spectrum and she is thoroughly enjoying it, as you can see from our video I took during a recent walk to town.

Look Left, Look Right, Look Left Again would make a great addition to a safety awareness unit for toddler, preschoolers and even kindergarteners.  While looking for materials on street crossing, it seemed limited.  I wish there was a coloring/activity book to go along with Wally Waddlewater.  You could also use duck masks for the kiddos and they could practice crossing a pretend street in your schoolroom area.  Throw the same obstacles or similar that Wally had to think about.

With kids attention being competed for by television and video games, it's nice to have a fun safety book.  I love that Greene Bark Press Inc, takes the time to look for materials that do have bright colors and attention grabbing graphics.  This really helps out parents to make an easy purchasing decision.

Several members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew had the opportunity to try out Look Left, Look Right, Look Left Again.  See how they liked this title and how it worked out in their homes.


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