Monday, September 16, 2013

Homeschool Mothers Journal - Week 15

In my life.....

So this post is a few days late.  We spent the day as a family on Saturday and then Sunday was spent keeping Joey under control, cleaning their "black hole"...I mean bedroom, planning out lessons and thinking I had to redo our weekly schedule to take my mom to Virginia for a funeral.  Lydia and I also took a zumba class Saturday morning, which is a great workout!!

I haven't been feeling too bad this week.  My finger is struggling a bit to heal.  I keep adding lavendar oil to my "franken-finger" of which I will be having a nasty scar.  There is some major scar tissue under the skin because there is a bump in one area and of course it makes typing fun as I hit the bump every time.

In our homeschool this week.....

One of the great things about homeschooling was able to occur this week as I was able to make some adjustments for Brayden in his math.  He needed some extra help working on Least common multiple, so we were able to do that.  Just made a few adjustments.  I also was able to find some videos that helped him understand energy better, than just the reading in our science unit.

Lydia and Caty had their first Girl Scout meeting of the new year and also our first American Girl club of the new "school" year.  It was alot of fun.  They made sit-upons in GS and we worked on coloring our own cross-stitch patterns to go with Samantha.  Another Homeschool mom also had a really fun timeline game that the kids played.  It was so much fun!

Lydia started her first online Magic Tree House class.  She really liked it.  The next 6 weeks we will be having class to learn more about the Middle Ages.

Joey started an online class using Minecraft to learn about the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World.  He is definitely in Love!!!

Schoolwork this week was a challenge.  They did not want to get back into schoolwork mode.  So I had to be a mean mom a few times, but still made some adjustments.

Things I am working on.....

Getting a sewing area set back up for Lydia and I.  I also have been reading up on canning.  We have a huge amount of apples available to us.  So I am going to can some applebutter and applesauce this next week.  Very excited...because it will be yummy!!!  I also need to keep decluttering our front office area.  Things just pile up, and I need to fight my packrat tendencies to only keep what we absolutely need to keep.

Also working on a couple field trips that we would like to do before it gets cold outside.

My favorite thing this week....

Going apple picking with the kids on Saturday.  I love fall activities!!!  I wasn't ready for summer to be over, but think I am ready for fall now.

I'm cooking.....

Didn't cook too much this past week.  Just basic meatloaf and potatoes one night, made a ground turkey/wild rice/sliced apples one skillet recipe (this one I sort of created).  Plan on doing more cooking this week.  We didn't starve

I'm reading.....

A book for a for our thoughts on Seed Sowers.

I rewarded my kids this week...

We watched the new Super Buddies movie together Friday night and we really treated them by getting some Cars figures for their Disney Infinity game.  That was a HUGE hit!

I'm grateful for.....

This was one of those weeks when I am very grateful for a hubby that works at home.  Between speech, piano, med checks, and clubs this week....I was barely home.  He really helps me out juggling the kids between everything.

Some pics from our week.....

We went for a walk with our cousins at a local dam.

 Brayden is chugging away using Time 4 Learning.  I just adjust some materials for him and add extra practice sheets as needed.
 We had our first art class of the year!!  It was great!!!
 Lydia working on her online Magic Tree House class
 Learning how to play Majjong while we were finishing learning a bit about Ancient China.
 Joey is working on Basic Economics in math.  He is playing a bartering game here.
 The girls had their first piano lessons and were totally in love!

 Caty working on her Letter I ice cream cone.
 Duct tape time for our Sit upons!!
 Caty working on her seat.
 Caty working on her coloring "cross-stitch"
Lydia working on her cross-stitch.
 The google car kept driving all over our area this week.  The girls found it to be like Ispy trying to see if we would pass it again.
 For dinner on Friday, the kids made their own pizzas and topped them.  We watched the new SuperBuddies movie.

We had a busy and fun week!  Linking up with other homeschool moms at So You Call Yourself a Homeschooler.

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