Monday, September 16, 2013

What we are up to this week.....Week 16

Hello all!!!!  I fell behind over the weekend with blog posts.  So I am working on a ton of little projects this week......including pre-writing a bunch of blog posts.  We almost went to Virginia this week with Grandma, and since I didn't know what was going on I didn't write full lesson plans for the girls.  Well we'll be winging the days I didn't write.

Joey and Lydia start bowling this week.  Caty and Lydia will be chugging along in piano.

So what we are up to this week....

Joey is loving his Minecraft class.  This week he is going to be learning about the pyramids (a quick refresher).  He is also working on hibernation/migration/adaptation.  Adding/subtracting money....very hard for him.  English, we will continue working on his research about Halloween.  He has his fact chart made, now just need to start creating his outline and filling in the material.  In Gym, he will be working on some Yoga techniques.  Life skills he is learning how to use the washer and wash some dishes.

Brayden will be learning more about the French and Indian War.  Multiplication in Math.  Energy in Science, and of course grammar and vocabulary lessons.  Life skills, very basic this week.....sweeping with the broom.

Lydia is working on her sewing and controlling her material in her machine.  In science, it's the human brain.  In Health class, the dangers of smoking.  She will continue with Life of Fred.  She is really liking this book so far and begs to do multiple lessons a day.  She'll keep using Reading Kingdom and her reading program.  Lydia has also been learning how to jog right along with me.  She also enjoys Yoga.

Caty will be working on the Letter J and all the activities that go along with our Letter of the Week.  We are going to practice our Geography songs and Compass directions.  She'll be using her compass to go directions.  I'm sure there will be a couple other things we'll cover too.  I didn't get her plans written, so we will be covering these items and doing lots of reading.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!

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