Sunday, September 22, 2013

Homeschool Mothers Journal - Week 16

In my life this week.....

It was crazy, busy as usual.  Spent the whole week juggling lessons, kids, tasks that needed completed.  You all know how it is.  Having some issues with my finger still.  There is a knot of some type "growing" where the scar tissue is probably working at repairing itself inside.  That makes typing a bit more difficult, as well as many other tasks that I keep bumping through.

Our fitness challenge is almost over and I have raised muscle mass and lowered my fat percentage also.  I haven't officially lost any weight, but my muscle is increasing.  So whatever I am losing is turning to muscle, which is what I wanted to accomplish when I started the challenge.

In our homeschool this week....

Well I thought we were going to be in Virginia when I planned lessons, so I only wrote up lessons for a few days for the girls.  The boys I tried to leave some independent work for.  But then we didn't need to make the trip, so I kind of winged it with the girls for days that I didn't have planned.  They actually accomplished a lot, and all the kids finished their lessons for the week.  That task though was not without threats of shutting off their internet.

The kids started playing a game that a friend had told us about.  Brayden, Caty and Lydia are all obsessed with it.  Well Brayden and Caty are obsessed with it, but Lydia is enjoying it also.  Lydia isn't "obsessed" with the computer like the others are.

Lydia learned more about the Mayans.  She did really well this week on spelling and her reading/phonics sheets.  In Science we talked about the brain and what parts control what we do.  She is loving Life of Fred, and begs to do multiple chapters everyday.  She also started working on her sewing again.

Caty worked on the Letter J and we practiced for one of her Daisy petals and worked on trying to memorize the continents of the world.   We worked on number recognition also, as well as some harder shapes. She has been loving playing a game that a friend recommended called Animal Jam.  She really likes it.  She also had speech therapy and piano, which she enjoyed.

Joey is loving his Minecraft on the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World.  He is working on money in Math.  He is reading Stuart Little right now.

Brayden is doing well on Time 4 Learning.  He worked on vocab units this week and also French and Indian War.  In Science he was learning about Energy.

Homeschool tips to share......

I used to throw weekly papers in a box and mark it.  Holy cow....I ended up with several unorganized boxes of projects and papers.  Now I have large 3 ring binders that I add their completed work to each week.  It's all in a neat binder and will make showing our work to the assessor so much easier!

Places we're going and people we're seeing.....

Piano lessons....the practice......bowling......visiting with a friend recovering from surgery....pottery was a busy week :)

My favorite thing this week.....

Not sure I had a favorite moment yet...still waiting.  But we had a lot of little memories made.

My kiddos favorite thing.....

Joey's was his Minecraft class.  Lydia's was getting to use her Hello Kitty sewing machine again.  Brayden and Lydia was grateful for mommy forgetting how long they were playing on their computers.

Things I am working on.....

My hubby and I are working on some Minecraft curriculum.  It's a work in progress.  We'll release more info when we can.

I am canning applesauce and apple butter.   Yummy!!  I am doing little bits as I can.

I'm cooking.....

Some old favorites.....chicken and dumplings, meatloaf, etc.

I'm reading.....

I'm grateful.....

I again am very grateful for my hubby and putting up with my Type A personality.  He helps me with the kiddos and I am very grateful for his tech knowledge!!!

I rewarded my kids this week....

They all earned memberships to Animal Jam.  The new online game they are loving.  They keep up on their chores and do the tasks they need to complete, they keep their paid accounts.  They get three strikes from fighting with me about doing what they need to...they lose their paid memberships.  We'll see how this works out.

Something I am eyeing....

We are desperately needing a new laptop, so the shopping has begun.  Now if the old budget will allow us to get

Some pictures from our week.....

Lydia working on her Spanish.  Watch for our review this week on Flip Flop Spanish.
 Working on her stitching control.
 Chubby was exhausted learning about the Middle Ages during Lydia's Magic Tree House Class on Monday.
 We made gluten/dairy/soy/corn/egg- free apple pie...yummy!!!
 I started trying to sew American Girl Doll clothes...still working on the same nightgown.  Not enough hours in the day.
Nermal did not help me sew.  Kept batting at the needle and thread.
 Lydia started bowling this week.  She had so much fun and met some new friends.
 Brayden even shocked us that he went bowling too!!!
 Joey is bowling also.  Special Olympics in our county is so wonderful.  The kids have a wide variety of sports opportunities to choose from.
 Lydia working on her Mayan writing.  She learned about their drawings as their writing.  She was telling a story of the cats knocking over our magazine stack.  She used charcoal and chalk pastels to do the drawing.
 Soccer started this week.  Lydia was super excited!!
 I treated myself to a new shirt for the Susan Korman 5K I'll be doing with some friends next Saturday.
 Caty working on her Letter J work.....

 The girls finished the week by painting their pottery that they made a couple weeks ago.  Still another week before we can bring them home.

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!  Linking up with other moms at So You Can Call Yourself a Homeschooler.

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